Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

For Christmas Eve, we went over to Aunt Barb and Uncle Steve's house to do our "Cousins" Christmas as Katie calls it.  Emma Kate even got a big suprise on her first Christmas Eve...SNOW!!  We had such a great evening!  

It's snowing Eeekkk's!!!

Love my Katie!

Aunt Katie thought it was so fun that EK is on the move backwards now!

Look Daddy, it's snowing!

Present time

Yay for my gift thanks Aunt Katie!

She loved it :)

haha this pic cracks me up it looks like she's telling them some big story.

He's in love!!

Classic face Stan

another classic face to my mom

Emma Kate probably wanting to be held by her Lolly

Emma Kate's first Christmas Eve...going to sleep before Santa comes!

it looked so pretty!

Our house & yard covered in the pretty snow

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 5 year anniversary!

December 18th Brett and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!  Looking back it was truly the perfect wedding day!  We consider ourselves so lucky to have found each other.  He's my best friend, a wonderful husband, and amazing father.  Thanks for 5 unbelievable years and many many many more to come!

For our anniversary, Lolly stayed with Emma Kate so we could go to a nice dinner.  We went to Truluck's in Addison and ate lots of delicious food.

family pic before Momma & Daddy go on their date

I'm so in love with my girl!!

Guess he is too!!

Brett sent me flowers & even tried to make them similiar to my wedding bouquet. :)

Visit from The Hagedorn Crew

The weekend before Christmas, Brian & Brett planned on going to the UNC vs Texas basketball game at Texas Stadium so we decided it should be a whole family visit!  Brian, Angela, Caitlin, Maddie, and Lily all stayed with us that weekend.  The guys went to their game Saturday, but unlucky for Caitlin she got sick so us girls had a low-key day and hung out at the house.  Maddie, Emma Kate, and I did run an errand to Barnes & Noble & Starbucks. As Maddie & I had our latte and hot chocolate it made me miss teaching and having those fun conversations with an outgoing funny 7 year old girl. We also exchanged Christmas gifts between our families.  All the kiddos seemed pretty happy about that! Then on Sunday, I wanted to take the older girls to ICE at the Gaylord Resort.  For those of you not in the DFW area, the Gaylord is a huge Texas themed hotel/resort/convention center and it's always decorated really pretty for the holidays.  Plus, they have a big production called ICE where you buy tickets, wait in a long line to go inside a tent that's 10 degrees to see everything in there made out of ice.  This year it was a Grinch theme so I thought my nieces would enjoy and it's something they don't have in Arkansas.  We got our long blue parkas and cameras and headed in.  The girls and Angela slid down the ice slides (didn't think it was such a good idea for a pregger lady).  Lastly for the weekend,  my parents were nice enough to give us their Mavs seats because they were playing the Cavs, which LeBron James & Shaq play for.  Brian bought a ticket in the same section and us three went down to the game.  It was a good game & the Mavs won!  My parents upgraded their seats this year and this was our first time sitting in them.  We really felt like we were a part of the game & all the action.  Brett sat with me the first half and then Brian came down the second half.  It was a great weekend!  So happy they came down for a visit! Here are pics.

Brett, EK, Cousin Lily, and Uncle Brian

Maddie & Emma Kate

playing with her cousins...this is what it's like to have sisters EK!

Yay about to open gifts!

She just wants to eat the wrapping paper

Fun fun!!

No more gifts to open!!

Brett snapped a pic of me & my big belly when I fell asleep...Baby Jack was kicking. :)

Caitlin & Maddie at the Gaylord Resort

beautiful tree

girls pics

Everything is made out of ice!!

Sis-in-laws :)

Me, Grinch, and Maddie

the ice slides

Caitlin just finished & Maddie is the one sliding

Here comes Angela

ice cave

How are they almost 8 years old??  Time flies!

Mavs game.  Lebron James

There's Shaq...he's even bigger up close!