Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another 1/2 a year, Emma Kate!!

October 27, 2012: Emma Kate hit her half birthday this past Saturday. How on earth is she closer to 4 now than 3?!?
She had such a FABULOUS weekend! Mostly due to the fact that we had very special friends come visit. Our dear dear friend, Sara moved to Chicago 6 months ago & we were all in need of some quality time together. She flew down to spend the whole weekend with us. It was SO great! Then, at the last minute Jamie & Burney said they were swinging through for a concert & wanted to stay with us. The more the merrier of course!! Saturday morning all seven of us went for our favorite breakfast at The Original House of Pancakes. After naps, the girls (Sara, M, & EK) went for a 1/2 birthday treat...mani/pedis. Emma Kate watched so closely & loved her pink with glitter nails & toes. She got a bit fidgety towards the end. We met up with Jackson & Daddy at Stonebriar mall for dinner at Cheesecake Factory, cupcakes, & a merry-go-round ride to finish up our girl's 1/2 birthday.  What a F-U-N day!!
I'm going to share pics from Saturday, Then share about our 3 1/2 year old.

Treat time (her 2nd ever mani/pedi)
So serious.
At Sugar Queen Cupcakes
Aunt Sara & EK... she loves being with her!
Both kids insisted on sitting next to Sara which left BH & I on a side to ourselves...odd for us!!
Yummy cupcake.
Pretty happy!

Emma Kate at 3 1/2 years old:
- You are such an energetic, sweet, playful, & verbal little girl.
- You are full of life!
- Good "kid food" eater (chicken is your favorite, carrots favorite veggie, love fruit & sweets.)
- Your mind & thinking amazes me every day. Loves books, letters, sounds, & numbers.
- You are so into pretend & imagination playing. This is what you & Jackson spend most of your play time doing lately. It's priceless! Daddy & I enjoy watching it! (Example: going to the grocery store, going to dance class, school together, sleep time in the guest closet, eating breakfast, going on a boat to the beach etc.)
- You love Disney princesses. Dressing up as Rapunzel for Halloween. Cinderella is a new fav too!
- Jackson is your best friend & also the person you fight with the most. Direct quotes: To Mommy "Jackson, is a a big boy who is here to be my best friend." & then the same day can state "Jackson, don't do that or I'm not going to play with you!"
- Still taking 1 nap a day for around 2 hours. 
- Bedtime around 8-8:15pm & wake up around 6:45-7am. (night time sleep 10 1/2-11hrs.)
- You are a runner! You are a fast fast girl. You can run & get anywhere quickly.
- You just got your very last baby tooth. 2nd set of molars. Top right & left came last month. (September 2012 @ 3 years 5 months old). A tad behind (like Mommy), but no biggie.
- You are tall & thin still. For your fall clothes I bought all 4T clothes for the length, but most are big in the waist.
- Favorite color is pink. Purple & yellow are 2nd & 3rd place.
- Liking Mother's Day, but still not quite as comfortable as you were in your 2 yr. old class. You tell me so much compared to last year about what you did, where you went, & who you played with. You even fill me in on who made good or bad choices ha!
- You can be sassy at times.
- You can be the sweetest at times (depends on the week/day/hour/minute/second.)

Emma Kate ~ 3 1/2 years old & such a special angel!! You are such a joy to watch grow!! LOVE YOU to the MOON & BACK!! xo

Rock throwing into the creek with Pop
Happy trail mix eater at playgroup.
Neighborhood Fall festival with Mommy
Making Halloween cookies. Usually the first one up from nap...so she gets to cook & play with Mommy.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012: I've decided that since becoming a mom & having a little family of our own it makes me enjoy the fall season more than in the past. In the 3 1/2 years we've had kids it seems that we've started making our own family fall traditions. Going to a pumpkin patch is one of those. Since moving to Castle Hills, we've discovered a great one in Flower Mound (about a 20 min drive). Saturday was an overcast day which made it not too hot. Emma Kate & Jackson enjoyed running all around to every possible characters cut-outs, then doing all the bounce house/slides, going through the hay maze, riding on the tractor train, & a family hay ride.  Brett as usual was able to capture the kids having a ball!

Care Bear Love
 Oh the Yo Gabba Gabba friends!

 Dora & Diego

Emma Kate's favorite animal is pigs right now. She was disappointed in not seeing them at the fair so this cut-out had to do. :)
 Such a big kid going through the obstacle inflatable thing. Go Big Guy!

She's a slide pro!
Hay Maze
Made it to the end to slide down.
 Pumpkin house

 Train ride "let's GOOOOO!!"
 My beautiful angels!!

On the hay ride
 Saying bye to the pumpkins

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hagedorn Family Fair Day 2012

It's that time of year again (our 6th year to be exact) to roll down to Fair Park for the State Fair of Texas.  Brett & I started this tradition when it was just us two. Now many years & changes later we still enjoy the petting zoo, seeing the animals, walking around, eating fried bad food, & getting our picture drawn. I love the fair day with my little fam!

 Emma Kate (almost 3 1/2) posing with the Texas Star
Jackson (2 1/2) with the Texas Star
 Animal time

Time for the Dog Show. Kids loved seeing the dogs jump into the pool!
 Picture drawing
 Perfect little model!

"Okay, I'm done now. Let me play with the iphone!"
 2012 Hagedorn Picture :))
 Sweet girl waiting for her Fletcher's corny dog
 Back to the animals