Friday, May 8, 2015

6th & 5th Birthday Bash!!!

{April 12, 2015}
Once again mama was worried over this very rainy Texas spring weather only to have it be a perfect Sunday afternoon to celebrate our sweet babies turning a year older. Emma Kate & Jackson could not have had any more fun if they tried!! They were the happiest kids with so many friends & family there. It was such a fun party & we loved every minute of it! Irish Twins!!

Pre Party: The kids always have to try everything out before their friends come!

Now it's Party time!
Our neighbors Allyn & Zane enjoying some food with Lucas.

Preschool buddy, Archer.
Preschool friends & one of EK's class friends.
EK's school besties.
Besties since they were in diapers!

Cousin Lucas checking it all out.

Aunt Barbie kisses

 Still such a cute couple! :)
 Sweet Mia. EK & her met when they were 6 months old. :)

 Love when we all sing happy birthday to them each year.

 Yay all looking & smiling!

Some of J's preschool friends.