Thursday, August 29, 2013

End of Summer Camp Program Videos

{August 1, 2013}

Mommy Jackson Date - His First Build-A-Bear Trip

{July 2013}

Love you to the moon & back sweet man!

End of Summer Church Camp Program

{August 1, 2013} This summer Emma Kate & Jackson went to a church camp, basically like extended VBS. They had fun activities, teachers, & such a good time!
August 1st they invited all the parents to come see there end of camp program. It was adorable! They sang 5 songs & recited 3 scriptures. My mom, dad, Brett, & I had front row seats!

Showing me their program moves a few days before.


After camp treat...Blizzard with Lolly & Pop.
 Then, a visit with their cousin, Lucas!
 Golf cart ride with Uncle Steve
 Climbing rocks (scary!)
Very busy day, these two were worn out!

Campus Walk

{July 29th} We always visit campus before we head back home. Seeing Emma Kate & Jackson walking on the University of Arkansas campus makes me HAPPY!!

Lots of Jackson last name on Senior Walk.
Peace Fountain
Old Main

Greek Theatre

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Family Reunion/Grandma Cleo's 91st Birthday

{July 26-28th} We made a whirlwind Arkansas & Missouri trip last month. Main reason was that every July is Brett's Grandma Cleo's birthday & the family organizes a family reunion around that time. Grandma Cleo turned 91 this year (I started dating BH when she turned 80!!!)  We haven't been able to go the past 2 years due to Brett's work, but we were so happy we made it this time. Seeing Grandma Cleo always makes me happy. She's the best represenation of aging well & staying so sharp! The get together at Clydia & Verl's house was wonderful. There were 13 "kids" ranging from 19 down to 3 (Jack is the youngest) & they all had such a blast playing, dressing up, & running out in the backyard together.

The extra bonus of traveling to Missouri for the birthday party/reunion was we got to stay in Fayetteville & see Sara, her new house, & the rest of the AR BFF's. We always love being back!

On 540 almost to Fayetteville. Always beautiful!

Saturday morning after breakfast with the girls we walked to the Farmer's Market.
Jack took this one of all the girls!
Collier's Drugstore stop

 At the family reunion in Missouri. Love this one!

 They love their cousins. This is Madeline.
 Cousin Taylor & EK
 Cousin Caitlin

 Cousin Lily

 Showing Uncle Brian her dress-up attire.
 Game time

 Doing some cartwheels...

 Cousin Zack & Lily.

 Baseball time after dinner
 Watching on