Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

I promise this is the LAST Christmas post until next year! We took so many pics I had to split up my Christmas posts into 3 different ones haha.
Christmas morning we woke up around 6:30am & showed Emma Kate & Jackson that Santa had been here. Emma Kate went to Mickey & Minnie Mouse first & went to show Jackson who was on the other side of the playroom playing with old toys. Once we looked at all the Santa gifts, they opened their gifts from us. Then, we headed over Lolly & Pop's house for Christmas. Lots of fun!! The babies both went down for their naps & then later on my Dad's side of the family came over for our last Christmas celebration. Let's just say that we reallllyyy need to build our new house in 2011 to handle all these toys etc. wow!!
   Santa came!
 I guess when Santa brings you Mickey & Minnie you get happy & hop on your zebra haha!
 talking to Minnie. :)
 Santa came let's go see!!

 FAO drum & phone were hits.

 I was so excited to give EK her Baby Tess from FAO that we got her in NYC. :)
 Loving on Tess!
 New Dora & Abbey books yay!

 All the gifts & he wants to play with the gate still.
 Christmas @ Lolly & Pop's house
 Christmas is tiring!!

 Oh Daddy is happy...basketball for Jackson.

 Happy boys
 Another baby doll. Her name is little Emma. :)
 Pop getting EK's "suuuugar!"
 Lolly getting EK's "suuugar!"
 This Little People Farm looks fun.

 Jackson got his name stool this Christmas like Emma did on her 1st Christmas from my parents. (FYI- I had one growing up & my Mom still has it at her house.)
 The kitchen that stays at Lolly & Pop's house. They also gave a Step Two kitchen for our house...oh my it hasn't even been put together yet. Good luck Brett!
 Loves it.

 opening up gifts from Darrell & Logan
 Emma Kate was interested in Gracie's gifts.

 Logan playing his new awesome guitar.

 All the "kids." My babies with my two cousins kids.
The Ley Family (my Dad's fam & his brother, George's fam.)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

After Nap Conversation

After Emma Kate's 2 1/2 hour nap today I went into her room to get her (something I love doing) & she proceeded without any hesitation to happily start her own conversation to me. Here's how it went.

EK: "Mommy! (sweet smile) Jackson sleeping yeah yeah (confirming to herself)."
Me: "Yes, you're right."
EK: "Daddy work yeah yeah."
Me: "Yes, he is. Where's Mommy?"
EK: "Hi Mommy! I love you, Mommy!"

I LOVE Emma Kate SO much words can't begin to express!! This little girl makes me smile so big some days that it brings tears to my eyes. <3

Christmas Eve

Once we made it back Friday from Arkansas we came home for a bit, unloaded, got ready & went over to Aunt Barb & Uncle Steve's house to have "cousins Christmas" as Katie & I like to refer to it.  Barbie & Katie spoiled the babies with the Fisher Price farm, a Radio Flyer rocket, & zebra bouncey toy. They immediately started playing with all their new toys & Aunt Barbie was squealing with delight that they loved their new toys! haha We had a wonderful dinner & night! 

 Yummy handlebars.

 Happy girl!!

   Good dinner!