Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day @ Lolly & Pop's

This is my final Christmas post. After our family of 4 Christmas we headed over to my parents house around 10am. The kids got more gifts, including their big gift that I think all us adults were most excited about the reactions from!
Best of all, it was my turn for Christmas...I was certainly not forgotten about! Mom & Dad hooked us all up. I scored an ipad (good call Stan!), red KitchenAid mixer, a William Sonoma crock pot, earrings, pretty wine glass & candle, & Uggs. Must have been good this year!
The kids took naps & then my Dad's side of the family, The Ley's came over for Christmas dinner. Wonderful hoilday!!

 Where is that present?!?
 Both kids had to immediately lay down on their new nap mats! :)
 Barbie suitcase


 Big Sissy baby
Mickey Mouse trainset 
 Christmas is tiring!
 Lolly & Pop's gift from us

 Canvas of each g-baby!

 Time to see the big gifts...cars!!

 Not exactly sure about the driving aspect of it yet.

Taking another spin after her nap.
 Talking to Pop all about the cars.

 Making music with Logan. He's our future rockstar in the family!
 Gracie holding J Man
 Logan playing his new guitar (his 8th one!)

 Pop & Jack
 Jackson wanted to help Gracie & Hannah open gifts.

Merry Christmas To All & To All a Good Night!

Christmas Morning 2011

Our Christmas morning started with Brett & I up at 7am thinking Emma Kate & Jackson would be up any minute or maybe already...fast forward 30 minutes later until they awoke, which found us laying back down in bed ha! The first thing they did was see all the gifts Santa had left (anything unrapped & sitting out is from Santa). Jackson's Big Wheel was a big hit! Next, were the stockings in the living room. Lastly for our little fam Christmas is opening up gifts from Mommy & Daddy. We decided to do 3 gifts per child like Jesus was given. (sidenote: EK has 4 wrapped boxes because Bitty Baby & her starter kit went together.) As you can tell our kids are very blessed & I felt that 3 gifts with a true meaning behind why 3 gifts are given is an important lesson for the true reason for Christmas. It's such a special time to see Christmas through the eyes of your children!
 Christmas Eve leaving out Santa's treats
 A little sleepy still...
 Santa gifts

 Showing Mommy what Santa left her.
Princess with a Princess purse
 Bouncing ball fun!
 Big sister likes the Harley big wheel just as much as Jack!

 Loves playing music so this was a hit!
 Nash taking it all in.
 Now he's awake & pushing all the loud buttons!
 Stocking time
Big girl needs more big girl panties.

 Care Bears coloring book brings a smile!

 Jackson's 3 gifts
Emma Kate's gifts

 She got the pink dollhouse she had asked for. (now putting it together is a task in itself!)

 Strong man!
Bitty Baby from American Girl! Yay!