Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet the Teacher & First Day of Mother's Day Out (CLC) 2012-13

August 27 & 28th, 2012: Monday we went to "Meet the Teacher" at Prestonwood for the kids second year at CLC. Then. Tuesday was the first day back. Both kids have 3 teachers each & all seemed nice. I knew the first day was going to be rough for Emma Kate, because since she attended a summer camp this summer & didn't enjoy it (i.e. felt alone & sad) she's been saying "I just want to stay with mommy!" So Tuesday rolled around & Jackson did wonderful & walked right into his class like he owned it. However, we could feel the uneasiness for Emma Kate. She immediately started crying once we got to her classroom door. It was heartbreaking for me to see, because she has never been a child with separation issues & loved CLC last year. Brett was with me so he forced me to walk away from the other door window from peeking in. I knew she was going to be fine & have a good day, but it's still so difficult to see your child upset. I hope it's just a phase & passes quickly with her being sad to go.
2:00pm came around & I was back picking up my happy kids after a good 1st day!!

Meet the Teacher & Daddy joined us.

Jackson is in class with Kason. (he is the little boy of one of my great childhood friends since 6th grade, Audrea.) It's so crazy that we now have kids together in class!
 Daddy & EK checking out her classroom.
 Identifying the bathroom location.

 @ almost 2 1/2 years old

 @ almost 3 1/2 years old
 It's very hard to get pics of them together so we get action shots.
Reuniting with Lolly after 2 weeks (she was on vacation.)

CLC First Day 2012-13

 Tuesday am

 Love her <3 p="p">

 One kid looking & smiling...I'll take it.
My 3 Loves Together

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letter of the Week w/ My Littles ~ B

We ventured onto B & made some cute "B Bumblebees" a few weeks ago. It's a pretty relaxed "letter of the week" around here we get to our letter whenever the mood strikes us or when you're dealing with a 2 & 3 year old! :)
We started C last week, but have yet to make the craft because I needed to do a Michael's craft run. Stay tuned.
EK crafting
I love it when she focuses & sticks her tongue out.

Finished B Bumblebee
 Jackson's turn later that day (when he decided he was ready:)

 Sissy watching
 Then he wanted Sis to help him...
 Working together & it was a sweet experience. Yay!

Jackson's finished "B" (which he wouldn't hold to take a pic with.)
"A Alligator" & "B Bumblebee"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dallas Children's Museum

August, 11, 2012: the Hagedorn fam set off for Fair Park to the Dallas Nature & Science Museum, which also houses the Children's Museum. I mentioned to Brett that we should trek down there as a summer indoor AC activity one weekend so we finally did. Emma Kate & Jackson loved it!! The place itself is soooo old, but they didn't care. Sometimes the simple things of learning are fun!
We spent 2 hours there & probably could have stayed longer if it wasn't time for lunch. Now I'm looking forward to when the new one is built in Dallas. :)

Making BIG bubbles

Dino dig

Calling in about the weather

Body heat scanner
Dress up time

Yikes! Long striped snake
Making the hot air balloon go up
My boy who loves buttons

Sand table kept them entertained & playing nicely side by side

Tongue out means she's focused
Water room

 Focused again while playing drums

 Ready for our close-up

One more slide down the firetruck before leaving.