Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day with my Irish Twins

Friday, March 16, 2012 
St. Patty's Day Playdate with Friday Play Group
 <3 <3

Playing with one of their BFF's, Mia :)
Precious Girls!

Happy boy!
Love them!

EK over the pictures, Jack posed. Thank you son!
Playing @ the park Friday after naps.

Singing happy bday song to brother...day after!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Part 2: Jackson's Birthday

Disclaimer: I should have written this in the first bday post, but I really LOVE birthdays & celebrating! I don't think I go over-board, but I for sure like them to be special & show just how much of a life changing day it is to our little family!
Now onto pictures from Chuck E Cheese that evening. Emma Kate was SO thrilled to be there! (this was only the 2nd time they have been to CEC.)  Two years ago I didn't imagine my parents & Brett being "that family" to get enough tickets at the end of the night to earn a prize of play-dough haha! Fun times!

Time to ride!

So happy!

Riding the bicycle into the air, but not quite tall enough to pedal on her own so Pop helped.

Horsey time

Making funny faces at each other.
"Hello, whose there?"
This picture is to capture his amazing eyelashes! Girls.Will.Be.Jealous

FAV pic :)
Giddy about J's new camera
 Singing happy birthday. He got upset that he couldn't hold the candle/cupcake.
 "Come on guys!"
 "Okay, now I'm getting into this song!"
 Love cupcakes

 She L-O-V-E-S cupcakes
 Doing her funny & entertaining shaking bit for us.

 When it's your birthday, people wait on you hand & foot!

 SkeeBall buddies

 BH & Pop shooting hoops
Fun time had by ALL!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jackson Reid!!

Thursday, March 15th, 2012: Jackson turned TWO!! We took A LOT of pictures so I'm going to keep it brief on my words & do multi posts to split the pics. It was a wonderful day celebrating Mr. Man!! Daddy made pancakes for breakfast before work, J opened a couple of gifts, the kids came with me to workout at the gym, we stopped by the cleaners for a visit to Lolly & Pop, lunch, naps, then FINALLY Chuck E Cheese (Emma Kate was beyond excited & ready to go!) Lolly & Pop joined us for playing games, rides, & dinner there.

 Good Morning Birthday Boy!
 Waking up with his milk.
 Saying morning to mama
 Excuse my double chin & no makeup, but it's pure sweetness.

 Daddy & bday boy
Opening 2 presents before Daddy heads to work.
 Chuggington stuff

 A touch screen learning toy.
 Big pancake fan...she ate 4!!

Treat: getting to watch a movie in the "big bed" aka Mommy & Daddy's because he asked & said please!

 Back at home that night & after baths Jackson opened the rest of his gifts. (Sis had finished getting her hair dried & wasn't going to miss gift opening to get her jammies on right then!)

 Ever feel like you're the ONLY one smiling & looking at the camera???
 Cutest thing helping clean up the wrapping paper huh?!?
Happy birthday sweet man!! xoxo