Thursday, June 30, 2011

Acting young again...NKOTBSB!

Sunday night was the much anticipated reunion concert of The New Kids on The Block & Backstreet Boys. A group of some of my best friends & I planned this almost a year ago when the concert dates were released. These were my 2 FAVORITE bands growing up! NKOTB was my 1st concert I ever went to at the age or 7 or 8 out at Texas Stadium in the summer heat (boy my mom & Aunt Barb must have loved KAtie & I to take us to that concert:)  Then fast forward to my pre-teen & teenage years when I fell in love with BSB & so did my best friend, Brooke. Put these 2 bands together for a reunion & all 5 of us girls were in heaven!!

We decided to make it an all out girls night. Starting with cocktails at Sara's house, then having a limo pick us up, dinner at Hotel Zaza Dragonfly, then having the limo drop us off crubside at the AAC. By 8:30pm rolled around everyone including 20,000 other women were READY for the big show!! It was AWESOME!! By far, the LOUDEST & best concert I've ever been to! Nobody sat the entire show or stopped dancing & singing. I relived my youth!!!

Brooke, Katie & I heading out to meet the rest of our crew
Kates & Monica
B, Sara, & I in the limo :)
"Don't let any drop on the floor!" haha
Best friends since 4th grade. Love ya B!!
in front of Zaza

Almost time!
Anxiously waiting :)

Final act in MAVS jerseys! We are the Champs!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jackson 15 month check-up

Yesterday (2 weeks late) I took Jackson to his 15 month well-visit. He's a growing boy!! I have to share his stats because I'm so proud of his height %!! This is the highest % either of my kiddos have ever been in weight & height.
Weight:  26 lbs. 11 ounces (80%) Chubby man!
Height:  32 1/2 inches        (85%) Yay he's growing taller too!!
Head:  19                            (75%)

Good check-up overall. Wrapped up by 3 shots & an ear piercing scream!

I had to go back & compare what Emma Kate was at her 15 month visit.
Weight: 21 pounds (25%)   Height: 30 inches At her 18 month visit she was 24 pounds. haha! Makes me laugh at the difference in size of our babies!

 Distracting him before his shots.

Visit to the park after doctor visit, in his Mavs hat of course!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm with Miller

Miller McNeil Woodruff went to heaven this morning to become an angel & watch over his family.

The Woodruffs (Patrick & Meredith) are friends of ours in Northwest Arkansas & I simply wanted to put this post out there to say I'm praying daily for what Meredith requested: 1.  Miller's comfort 2. Cole's understanding 3. And mine & Patrick's strength. He went peacefully on his mama's chest while they were all sleeping. I'm once again reminded truly how blessed I am with my 2 healthy children & held them a bit tighter & longer today before their naps.

This is Meredith's blog if you care to learn more about sweet Miller & maybe add this wonderful family to your prayer list.

Here are a few pics of this beautiful family.
Beautiful Miller!!

Daddy & sleeping baby

Mama & her baby boy


Big brother, Cole with his brother.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011!

Yesterday was Father's Day. This was Brett's 2nd one with both his children. We had a very low-key day just all together. Playing in the morning, taking a walk to the park to play, lunch & naps for the kiddos, then playing outside in the water table cooling off. We snapped a few pics yesterday, of course I wanted a "perfect Daddy & babies all smiling" pic haha yeah right with 2 toddlers!

I knew before we even got married that you would be a wonderful father, but I cannot believe how much you have exceeded my thoughts. You were made to be Emma Kate & Jackson's dad. I'm so blessed to have a partner who equally parents with me from changing dirty diapers, making meals, bathing, disciplining, chasing after, playing, reading a million books and the list goes on and on. You work so hard to provide for our family & then come home to hop right into your family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I truly love being the mother of your children & raising Emma Kate & Jackson with you! Love always.

To my Dad: Stan the Man,
Simply the best dad I could have ever asked for!! Thank you for all your unconditional love. Love you infinity!! xoxo
"M" Girl

I'll start with 2 very early pics of Brett & his babies.

 April 27, 2009 First pic with his daughter.

March 2010 Jackson sleeping on daddy only a few days old.

June 19, 2011
My fav!
 Modeling new suit for Daddy

 Not wanting to pose for a pic...this is what she prefers to do!


Week One of Swimming Lessons

Last week Emma Kate and Jackson started swim lessons with Ms. Renee. I got referred through my mama friends, Patty & Rachel's recommendation. Thanks gals! Renee is AWESOME! She suggested doing the lessons (2 weeks/4 days a week/45 mins. each time) with just my 2 kiddos, which made me happy since Jackson is still young.  Emma Kate is doing great swimming! Jackson isn't as happy being handed over to swim. Separation anxiety maybe. He does calm down during the lesson mostly & enjoys blowing bubbles. Renee has been teaching the kiddos to kick, blow bubbles, reaching out for the side of the pool, getting themselves to the steps from the side. I love watching them swim! Makes me proud! I wanted to share all the pics I took from inside Renee's house where I "hideout" during their lesson.


 First lesson (June 14, 2011)
 Ms. Renee taking babies out for 1st swim all together.
 Kicking practice
Jackson's turn
 Emma Kate's turn

 Blowing bubbles

 Sis going under!

"Monkey crawling" over to the steps


 not pumped.
 Being sweet man!

 Go EK!