Friday, July 24, 2015

Emma Kate's Recital "The Red Shoe Trilogy"

{June 7, 2015}
Emma Kate did a wonderful job at her first "big stage" recital. What an amazing show!

 Going to dress rehearsal that morning.

 Her sweet dance friends.
 Front center with musical lollipop during rehearsal.
 Cheering section

Great job dancers!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sweet Summer Time (June)

{June 2015}
Summer is fun, hot, & moving along quickly. Some things we did in June. 99% of these pictures are from my Iphone, because its the easiest & handiest to capture moments.

Emma Kate started her first swim team this summer. This is the first (only) meet she did.
Proud of her!
Jackson kicking off summer with a swim with his buddy/neighbor, Cade.
 Summer mornings mean not having to rush out the door. Mama sipping her coffee while they do puzzles one day.
 Lolly & Pop's Pool opened this summer too! We've been fully enjoying it!

 Lil Ninjas place was a fun outing with playgroup friends & my lifelife BFF, Brooke & her kids.

 Tripp & Jackson are buddies now.
 These 4 will be best friends just like their mamas!
 Love it!
 Pop's 65th birthday & all he wanted was a rain gage & dinner out with all of us at Kenny's Burgers.
She also made him a personalized necklace too!

 Mommy EK mani/pedi treat.
Baby shower with Vida
 Pool to ourselves one afternoon.

Enjoying her backstroke.
 We got a visit from Greg, Emily, & Baby Carter. So great seeing them!!

 Pop diving in
 Love EK's face in this one!
 He does lots of pool throws

 Hawiian Falls Fun with friends one day.

 Someone got sunscreen "painted"
Whole group of sweet friends!