Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dallas Rock & Roll Half

March 24, 2013: My "girls" & I FINALLY crossed the finish line together! We have thrown around this idea for awhile now & we all ran this half marathon together (plus 2 of our guys in the group, Scott & Paul.)
The weekend was wonderful all being together (minus not being long enough & a windy windy race day).  Yet another amazing memory in the books with "the Fab 5!" Thanks girls for not letting me back out of the race last month, I'm so happy I crossed that finish line & hugged all your necks!

 Friday night guy time
 Playing with Aunt Jamie. She's stuck in their as a worm they said.
 Saturday brunch at Whiskey Cake.
 Race packet pick-up crew
 Got our bibs! (minus Carrie)

 Very windy & cold. James & I really to start!
Fab 5 in pink ready to race!!

 Post race Chuy's with everyone. EK was in heaven with her aunts!
 With Aunt Bear.
Well deserved!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dallas Blooms

March 12, 2013: Another beautiful Dallas Blooms visit. My mom & I took the kids down there. We walked a few miles I'm sure. Love being there!

Chase game

Someone didn't want her picture taken...Someone did. :)
My recent favorite pic of Jack & Lolly together :)

"Over this Mom."
One Smiling, One Not...Real Life


He said "I wanna drive it!" Thanks to Pop on that one.

Love those Tulips!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jackson's 3 Year Old Birthday Survey

I asked Jackson the same questions I asked Emma Kate when she turned three. Pretty cute & fun to see the answers as we will do this yearly.

- Favorite color: Green
- Favorite toy:  Vet
- Favorite fruit: Raspberries
- Favorite show: Yo Gabba Gabba
- Favorite lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich
- Favorite outfit: Blue stripe Polo shirt, underwear, jeans, & Nikes
- Favorite game: Leap Pad Puppy Care game
- Favorite snack: Pretzels and cheesy bunnies
- Favorite animal: Horsey
- Favorite song: Song from the Joy Box at school "God Made the Sun..."
- Favorite book: I Love You Forever
- Best friend: Oscar (school friend)
- Favorite cereal: Life
- Favorite thing to do outside: Throw balls with Daddy
- Favorite drink: Apple juice
- Favorite hoilday: "Blues Clues Holiday" (DVD. Little confusion on what exact is HIS favorite holiday ha!)
- Favorite things to sleep with: Green bear, puppy with name on it, baby Katie, big bunny, & red Razorback/name blanket
- Favorite sweet treat: Letter cookies & vanilla wafers
- What do you want to be when you grow up? First answer was "a grown up!" Then, he said "Woody from Toy Story."


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jackson turns THREE!! {3-15-13}

On Friday, three years ago I gave birth to the most beautiful blue eyed 7 pound 13 ounce baby boy. How has it been three years? You are still beautiful, but now you have such a big personality, smarts, humor, own quirks, & completely have our hearts stolen.
We had such a wonderful day celebrating J Man! Breakfast at Ihop (his choice pancakes), playing at the park, little rest, big surprise treat Yo Gabba Gabba Live show (one pumped kid!), & then a family cookout at Lolly & Pop's with even more family than we expected (Aunt Barbie, Uncle Steve, & Aunt Katie, & baby Lucas).
Beyond wonderful day!! Happy 3rd birthday, Jackson Reid!! Thank you for being the surprise of my life! xoxo

Gifts from Mommy & Daddy in the morning.
Big Sis watching on & supporting.

His lashes make me drool!!
Buttons & Gabba...happy guy!

One, two, THREE he said all day.
Putting on a show at the park for us.

Happy birthday baby!

 Family Yo Gabba Gabba pic

Ready to shake their sillies out!
Jack & one of his very FAVorite people...Pop aka Poppy.

In love with this baby! I got lots of holding time since my babies aren't this small anymore. :(

Thanks Brett for capturing these.
Playing chase & hide from Uncle Steve. They all wore each other out!
Singing to him.
Few more gifts.
Mickey jammies & immediately trying them on...over his jeans. :)