Friday, July 30, 2010

Freak Accident that Could Have Been Much Worse

A very odd accident happened yesterday morning here in the Hagedorn household.  Both babies woke up early at 6am. Brett being the great dad he is got up and told me to keep snoozing. Jackson was up about an hour. Then, Brett was getting the pulled pork all ready for the crock pot so we could have it for dinner. He's much better at cutting off all that yucky fat.  He set the knife onto the plastic wrapper that the pork came in, but he set it too close to the edge of the counter. Where Emma Kate's little hands reached up and pulled the plastic wrapper down along with the knife.  Thankfully, the knife did NOT hit her, BUT it did land on Brett's foot right in between his big toe & second toe cutting him. OUCH!! It was bleeding quite a bit and pretty wide. So after he showered & got ready for work off he went to Urgent Care where they gave Brett 2 stitches.  Poor guy!! He said it hitting him was far better than the alternative of hurting Emma Kate. Very weird accident!

(excuse the toe hair on this big size 13's)


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Emma Kate at 15 Months

On Tuesday, Emma Kate turned 15 months old. We took her to her well-visit that day. Much harder now that she's so active. She wasn't happy about laying down to be checked out. Thank goodness Brett came to so we each had a baby. Jackson did well & hung out in my arms mostly.

EK's 15 month stats:
Weight:  21.6 pounds (25%)
Height:  30 inches (40%)
Head: 18 3/8  (70%)

Good stats. I think she's going to be a little lady. We'll see!  Overall, she's healthy & happy so that's all we care about! I'm going to share things about Emma Kate at 15 months because time is passing so quickly I want to try to recall everything. Plus, share some pics from the doctor visit & a few recent ones too.

- Your vocabulary and verbal skills are AMAZING us! You can say so many words & will basically try any word we ask you to. Here's a list of frequent words your saying now: Jack, Mommy, Daddy, Lolly (sounds like Olly), Pop, Barbie, Katie, car, ball, bottle, flower, puffs, mini me, Lucy, rug, book, toe, knee, elbow, nose, head, bib, bumbo, boppy, Ernie, Abby, Elmo, G, fruit, thank you, good girl, boy, phone, purse, shoes, shorts, dress, dog, cat, cow, moo, block, horse, fish, please (plees), hello, hi, bye bye, passy, cup, baby, doll, pool, money, bunny, turkey, cheese, Nash, potty, & Emma. Anyways you get the picture!! I think that Jackson will be lucky to ever get a word in with his sis around!

- You are full speed pretty much all the time accept when you are looking at a book or having someone read to you. Loves books!! She's even told us a few letters (G, X, O) on her alphabet books, who knows if it's just luck or she really recognizes them.  With as many times as we read them she's probably memorized by now!

- Emma Kate has taken 2 naps a day for a long time now. Morning & afternoon (9 & 1ish). For the last few weeks the naps have been irregular so I think her body is trying to drop the AM nap and just go to 1 long afternoon nap a day.  We're on day 2 of this transition. Basically, I've tried my best to wear her out, which she does herself pretty well & then I haven't put her down until after 11am.

-You love your baby brother! You pat him on the head, stick his passy in his mouth (sometimes his eye), push the button on his favorite music toy, & play with him while he's in the excersaucer.

-You've started giving kisses!! Oh this makes Mommy so happy! But your pretty picky about when & who you give them to. You & I "give kiss on the mouth", nose kisses, & butterfly kisses. Daddy has started requiring a kiss before he reads you a book...pretty darn cute!

- You are very attached to your baby doll, Lucy. She sleeps with you. And you carry her in your right arm a lot! Lucy even makes the trip over to Lolly & Pop's house.

- We've been trying to teach you to say please & thank you. Also, following simple directions like "please, go take the bottle to Daddy" "Go get Ernie from your room & put him in the stroller." etc.

-Lately, you've been talking about pottying & will even tell us sometimes when you've gone. I think we'll buy a little potty just to peak your curiousity soon.

Can't believe how big you're getting & how you're learning so many new things! We love you more than words can say!!!

disregard my weird mouth pose, but there we are at the docs office waiting & reading a book.

the whole fam
having snacks while waiting

         Going to the doc & getting shots isn't too bad if I get all this attention from Lolly & Pop!

Giving her killer smile to Pop!

Look who has a baby doll stroller!
Wonder where she's seen someone have a baby in a stroller & carrying one on the hip?!?

Just dragging it behind

Giving Jackson kisses while he's in his Miracle Blanket 

Pop & EK having a chat

She found the chocolate syrup. :)

playing with Aunt Katie

the stacking rings are bracelets to her

2 babies having their dinners

Funny moment one AM...she was playing with toys & just suddenly was so interested in Regis & Kelly haha

outside Stanland

To swing or not???

playtime with Daddy

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spray Park Family Fun

Right after the 4th of July Brett took a few days off work. Another "staycation." One day after morning naps we took the babies to the Frisco Commons Spray Park. I've taken Emma Kate once before, but Jackson had never been.  This is a place/situation I cannot do solo with both babies right now. One that doesn't move & needs to be held or in the shade in the stroller & the other one that is full force toddler all around! The pics are now 3 weeks old, but we got some cute shots so had to share. :)

Look at that hiney & chunky thighs! Love it!

                                                               "Watch me Daddy."

Baby J's first time in the spray park

Let's get these wet swimsuits off.
                                          Brett & I love this pic of Jackson...feet crossed chilling!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Morning Before Daddy Leaves

Here are a few pics last week before Brett headed off to work one morning. My 3 Loves!!!