Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Late Post of Brett's Long Weekend...lots of Family Fun!

2 weeks ago (sorry playing catch up) Brett took off Friday & Monday for a long weekend with us.
Friday after naps we went to our spray park/pool down the street.
Saturday- Brett had a softball practice for a work charity tourney the following weekend so I took the kids to visit Aunt Katie at work, then we met Brett at this Kids Expo Castle Hills was having at the golf club with all different things geared for kids. There was a bounce house so EK liked that. Saturday evening we headed out for an early family dinner at Chili's & on our way home stopped for ice cream at the Village shops in our neighborhood. Thank goodness for sugar free ice cream so they weren't awake all night!
Sunday morning we played in the backyard before it got too hot. In the afternoon we took Brett to the safari park so he could see what it was all about. I did enjoy his comment to me "I don't know how you do this place by yourself!" haha!
That Monday morning we went to "Meet the Teacher" for the kiddos Mother's Day Out (MDO) program. Lots of pics from that weekend. :)

 Fairy wings playtime...thanks Aunt Amy & Taylor for these. :)

Jack's turn!
 Boys at Chili's
Girls eating chips & salsa. 
 This ice cream is DELICIOUS!!

 Love this pic of them together. :)
 "I'll just take this & roll out!"

 Normal Sunday morning mowing the grass in her tank & panties. :)
 Basketball time
 Not quite Dirk yet!!

 Cruising on the patio
 Jack's turn

 Emma Dilema!!!

 riding the train

 Jumping & jumping!

 Hole in One??!!
Not sure about riding on the zebra!

 Meet the MDO teacher's @ CLC at Prestonwood.

 Found Jackson's tub.

Meet the Teacher was a hit!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of MDO

Today, Emma Kate & Jackson went to Mother's Day Out (MDO) @ CLC. Brett went into work a little late so he could come do drop off with me. Emma Kate had no hestiation. She carried her nap mat all the way into the building until she said "mama you carry it now." haha! We put her things into her tub, she put her lunch sack into the lunch tub, saw a little girl crying, & bopped right into her classroom. :) Then, we took Jackson to his class. He did cry when the door closed. (no parents allowed inside the room.. it's those half open door/window one so we can see inside & talk to his teacher.) We walked to drop off a form & he wasn't crying on our way out. :))

As for my day...Wow kinda strange to be "off" for 5 hours on a Tuesday. I went straight to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve to run. Then showered up to eat lunch & do some kids fall clothes shopping with my Mom. Thanks Lolly!! :)

My mom & I went to pick up the kiddos. I was very excited to see them!! Emma Kate was starting to color at a table by herself & I said "hi" then she ran to me & just lost it crying. I have no clue why, but Jack did the same thing! Both teachers said they had great days & hadn't cried the whole time.  EK didn't even have an accident. She used the potty there! Yay! (At home pottying...not nearly as good uggghhh! So tiring!)

Both made their 1st artwork! Which I want to frame of course! Both took naps, good job!

We spent the afternoon watching a Strawberry Shortcake & Care Bear movie just to let them relax. EK was tired & Jack for some reason had tons of energy for a bit. Needless, to say they were worn out & in bed by 7:20pm!!

I'm thrilled today went so well & hope the rest of the year does too! EK heads back Thursday & Jack will be with mama!

 Loading up & heading out, but not before a few pics @ home by Daddy.
 Say cheese!

 Standard pic on front of the fireplace. :)
 Excited for school & talking to Mommy about how just Emma & Jack & teachers go to school.
Not so sure yet!
 She carried in her own nap mat.

 Sweet Angels

 Went right in, sat down, & joined in. :)
 Jack's turn.
Looking a little concerned. Just a few tears at the beginning & he had a great day!
1st artwork!!! I'm such a proud mama!!
When I picked EK up she was picking a color to start coloring. 
  I said we're going home to watch a movie & rest/relax. She made it to the kitchen & this is how I found her after getting Jack out of the car. haha!
Awake, just resting.
 "Mommy, I take my nap mat upstairs to watch Care Bears movie!"

Think she was tired?!?

Finally he slowed down.