Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sleepover at Lolly & Pop's

Lolly & Pop (aka my parents, Stan and Sal) enjoy having us over to visit. And they especially love when Emma Kate spends the night at their house.  Since baby J was born Emma Kate has started going on her sleepovers at Lolly & Pop's house maybe once a week or once every other week.  My parents aren't brave enough for both babies yet...haha not that I blame them.  They keep the one that sleeps 11 to 12 hours a night.
We went over Thursday afternoon to play.  Jackson took a really LONG nap (3 1/2 hours) in Lolly & Pop's bedroom in his travel swing. So Emma Kate had lots of playtime with all my, my mom's, and Aunt Barbie's attention.  We took her out in the Radio Flyer wagon for her first time, played tea party, rode in the cozy coupe in the house, had a bath, and played with Pop. Then, Brett and I took baby J home with us and Emma Kate stayed the night.  She doesn't ever get upset or cry when we say bye and give her kisses.  My Dad holds her in the driveway as we pull out and she's just saying "bye bye" and waving.  She LOVES being over there.  I think my mom's favorite thing is getting to put her to sleep for the night because she's so sweet and lovey then.  And going to get her in the morning when she wakes up because she's such a happy cheery girl!

Pop & baby J a eariler that week
Let's go!
Come on Ernie don't fall out
Here's a good spot for you

heading down to the creek/reservior

She's never liked the grass until that day she sat down and played.

Okay, it's hot Mom take Ernie and me home!
tea party with Aunt Barbie
Aunt Barbie is funny!
Aunt Barbie time to drive me around the house in my cozy coupe.

naked time after her bath with her trusty pal, Ernie of course!
playing with Pop

                                                                 I love you, Lolly & Pop!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emma Kate at 13 months. Plus, a lazy weekend filled with taking lots of pics

Today Emma Kate is 13 months old.  I'm racing with a monitor in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other to finish this post because both babies are down for a nap....the clock is ticking haha!
Also, I'm going to share some of the 100 pics I took last weekend.  There was nothing major happening around here, it was just a lazy normal weekend mostly spent around the house, but I went crazy with the picture taking.  Guess these babies are just too cute I couldn't help it!!

Okay, Emma Kate at 13 months old...you are WONDERFUL!  Offically a walker!  It happened 6 days after her 1st birthday.  Now you walk everywhere.  It's so cute just to see you cruise around the corner walking or walk back to your room to go get your Ernie doll or Kitty Meow Meow.  Brett and I still look at each other and can't believe she's actually walking. Lots of talking and jabbering.  Some of the words you say: mama (24/7 yay!), mommy, dada, daddy, Jac, J, hi, bye bye, ball, toe, no (not my favorite word), go, Na (short for Nash), duck, clock, tat (for cat), dog, wow (that one started just this AM).  Everyday you amaze me with new things you learn or can say.  You LOVE LOVE LOVE reading/looking at books!  You go into your room and sit down and look at your books daily.  You like to point to pictures and have Lolly, Mom, or Dad say what the word is or you point and say something.  You love playing on your Pottery Barn anywhere chair.  All the dolls and stuffed animals "live" on the chair.  The favorite game is throwing them off, sit or stand on the chair, get off the chair, pick up a doll and give it love, then start the whole process over again roughly a 100 times a day.  You like to play in your house in the corner of the living room.  You play peek-a-boo with us through the door windows. You LOVE Jack!  Touching him, checking on him, and saying his name makes you happy. You also like to go have sleepovers at Lolly & Pop's house about once a week now.  They love having you stay over the night & then you play with Lolly most of the next day. You make yourself right at home in their house!
This is such a fun stage. People say it keeps getting better and I just don't know how because she's so funny and great to be around now.  Love you sweet Emma Kate!!!
                                                                             her PB chair

having lunch with Lolly on her big 6-0 bday!
walking and had a little water spill
I turned the corner and she was in "her kitchen cabinet"
Baby Jackson likes looking at the lights on his activity mat
Happy man in his swing :)
she loves her Daddy!
Look who got into the pantry!
Why not just read a book in the front entry way?!?
walking & clapping for herself
At a playdate...her friend Caroline was pushing her. :)
on Caroline's playset swing
Jackson doing tummy time
He's happier now that he's being held upright by Daddy
or he likes to be carried facing forward
EK playing on the activity mat

"All this playing makes me tired Daddy!"
having a chat with him
making herself laugh!
EK loves pointing out different parts of our faces.  Teeth, nose, eyes, ears, hair.
going for a walk with Mom
pink car, hat, and cell phone she's ready to roll

Every night almost we sit out by the pool with baby J after EK has gone to bed
playing in her house

I was going to a friend's baby shower so EK and I were saying "bye bye"
All she wanted to do was say "ball ball ball"
The babies got their own indoor playset!  Fun times ahead.
We're in the process of making our formal living & dining room into a playroom, guess Emma needed to go check it out after bathtime.
                                                                          sweet naked baby!