Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just the little things like...rain boots.

I bought Emma Kate a pair of rain boots on sale recently & she's really digging them! So we went to play at my parents this week & she asked to wear them which made me smile. Then, once we arrived my Dad was pulling into the driveway at the same time. He calls out to Emma Kate "sissy come drive with me" the next thing I see is her in the driver seat with him. Oh geez!! She was pushing buttons & saying all day "I drive. I drive Pop's car." My Dad LOVED it even more than her. She has him so wrapped around her little finger it's not even funny! Then, they went outside walking, splashing in the creek, playing with rocks and leaves, & riding in the wagon...all in her new rainboots! Her are the only pics I got.

Couldn't help putting in this cute pic of both babies playing in the kitchen.

 Love her!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy (last year in my 20's) Birthday!

Saturday was my birthday & I got a great gift...Brett didn't have to work like we had thought (it's his busy season with work).  We got to spend the day all together! Playing, family nap, went to the mall to pick-up my cookie cake, Emma Kate & I rode the carousel, & then back home to play more and my parents joined us. Then, they babysat so Brett & I could go out to dinner. We went to Pappa Brothers Steakhouse. Hadn't been there in a few years & it was even more amazing food than I remembered. I ate like it was my last meal...bacon wrapped scallops, lobster bisque, filet, lobster tail, mac & cheese with crab, & wine....DELICIOUS! Here's to my last year in my 20's!

 Morning play time

 Sweet J wore a tie for Mama's bday!
 My new favorite pic of us :)

 Who's happier?!?

 OPening some gifts & Jackson liked the tissue paper.
dinner time

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pump It Up Jr. with Every Other SAHM & Child in Plano

Our friend, Ashley & Mia invited us to meet them at Pump It Up Jr.  two weeks ago. It was the week that it was in the 20's & there was still snow on the ground so I think every Stay-At-Home-Mom wanted to GET OUT of the house with their toddler. This was our first time ever going so I wasn't sure how Emma Kate would do, but I took her shoes off & led her to the smallest of the inflatable play areas & she just cruised all around bouncing & jumping! I watched while holding Jackson. Then, she took it upon herself to head to the big stairs with the big slide and without any hesitation slid right down...then did it another 50 times! It makes me proud when I see my sweet girl being independent & trying new things in social settings. Love her!!

 small one

 Big slide!
 There she goes!

 Little tumble

Yay I finally got one of her in mid slide!

Friday, January 21, 2011

First Snow of 2011

Over a week ago, we got snow almost all Sunday afternoon. It was very pretty & wintery! I'm not a fan of the cold so I spent the day in my warm pants, fleece, North Face coat, & Uggs...no lie Brett couldn't believe I wore my boots inside almost all day haha! While Jackson was napping we took Emma Kate outside to play & see the snow for a few minutes. (I didn't have the proper winter/snow gear for her to even be outside in ha!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sweet Man is 10 Months Old

Another month has passed & Jackson is 10 months old as of yesterday! I continue to be amazed by how quickly time is passing by with my children...so I must keep trying to enjoy & savor each day I get to spend with them. I'm so lucky to have a "front row" seat watching them grow & change as each month passes.

This month with J:
- Had his first ear infection. Sad. :(
- Started teething. His 2 bottom teeth have finally poked through barely!! Now the 4 top ones are trying to come in as well.
- Mobile man that is crawling all over.
- Loves to pull up on everything.
- Experiencing separation anxiety when Mama or Daddy walks away or walks by. When we're gone it's okay though.
- Loves to be held & climb up on Mama & Daddy.
- Started clapping & waving...so cute!
- Loves watching Emma Kate run at full speed all around & play peek-a-boo with her.

Here are some recent Jackson pics.

You can barely see his first 2 teeth on the bottom. :)

peek-a-boo with Emma Kate
Just love that hiney!