Monday, June 28, 2010

Pop "fills in" for Lolly

Last week, my mom went out of town so Pop (my Dad) said he'd come over and help out/play with the babies.  Thursday, he spent the whole afternoon with us. Like from 1 until 7 when Brett got home.  He got to witness an afternoon for me with 2 babies: all the diaper changes, feedings, nap, playtime, dinner, and bathtime. It was nice to have an extra set of arms/hands to hold or play with a baby. He's pretty cute with Emma Kate & baby J!  BTW, the next day he called me and said he was worn out!! haha

Emma Kate always wants to be read to, even if that person has baby J in their arms.

While I was making EK's dinner & holding Jackson. Dad was entertaining her. :)

My Styling Man

On Saturday, Emma Kate came with me to run a few errands. We went into Old Navy to check out any good deals.  I didn't find anything for her (a rare thing), BUT we did buy Jackson this FEDORA hat!! I love it! So that night, Jackson didn't want to go to sleep and we brought him out in the living room to hang out for a bit.  Brett sat him on the couch and then I decided it was the perfect time to try on his new hat. That's why he's in his fedora & pj's.  He didn't mind at all. He just sat there chilling and watching baseball next to Brett. 

Brett needs a matching one.
                                                                    He makes me smile!

Gavin's bday party & the bounce house attempt gone bad

I took Emma Kate to her baby friend, Gavin's 1st birthday party.  It was a fun time! EK played with toys & just crusied around making friends with some of the adults. Our good friends, Patty & Caroline were there too. So we mainly hung with them.  Patty & I decided to let our girls try out the bounce house in the front yard.  We were both in dresses & this nice dad with his son offered to get in the bounce house with all 3 of the kids and play.  Not a great idea...Emma Kate & Caroline weren't into the idea of a bounce house without their mamas. So up Patty went to get the girls and pass them back out to me. haha  Here are some pics.

EK & Caroline playing. Caroline had an allergic reaction to a medicine, but she was still happy as could be. :)

The girl's wanted OUT! I was about to grab Caroline.  Look at Emma's face. :(

   Okay, things are much better now. Emma Kate was with her friend, Patty getting snacks from her. Typical!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come home Lolly...

Lolly (my mom) went to Georgia with Aunt Barb & Katie to go to the lake with our family that lives in Atlanta for the week.  The babies & I are missing our favorite daytime play buddy.  Brett has been working late the past couple of nights so these past 2 days have felt so loooong for me.  She'll be home Friday and after Dad & her drop off Barb & Katie at home they're going to come by to see Emma Kate & baby J. Can you tell how close my mom and I are?  She's the best mom & grandmother (aka Lolly) ever!! Miss you bird legs, but I'm happy you're getting a much needed tan. :)
Here are a couple pics of Lolly with the kiddos last week.

reading a book to them

                                                       This is my favorite pic of the 3 of them. :)

giving J some love
                                                     Pats on the head, usually a bit to hard.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010!

Dear Brett,

Last year was your first Father's Day.  On your second Father's day you have 2 babies!!  Now that's pretty impressive.  :)
I knew when we were dating without a doubt that you would be a wonderful dad, but you have surprised me beyond belief! You are truly amazing with Emma Kate and Jackson.  You have so much love for them.  You must be the most patient person I've ever meet.  The way you stand by their cribs trying to get them both to sleep as newborns for what seems like forever, or the middle of the night feedings, and endless diaper changes. Also, when you get home from work you jump right back into Daddy mode like you haven't just worked a full day already.  
I have loved watching your father-daughter relationship grow over the past year with Emma Kate.  She thinks you hung the moon.  She says Daddy all day long and gets so happy when you get home from work she starts shaking.  She always makes sure you're watching her and seeing all the cute & funny things she's doing.
Now that Jackson has arrived it's like he was just made to be with us.  I see how much you enjoy & love his smiles and coos.  You like watching him learn new things and become more active each day.  I often think that I want Jackson to become a wonderful man someday who is loving, hard working, loyal, honest, and trustworthy.  Then, I remind myself that he has you to look up to and see what this kind of husband and father looks like.
Brett, I know it's challenging having two babies only 10 1/2 months apart and we're in a tough phase right now on having a almost 14 month old & 3 month old, I don't say it nearly enough but THANK YOU times a million! I really could not do this parent gig without you. Even though it's very tiring and tough at times I'm loving raising Emma Kate & baby J with you.  Nothing makes me happier than being with you & our babies!  xoxo

Love always,

                                            Very 1st pic with Emma Kate 4-27-09

Brett with both his babies! Emma Kate visiting Jackson in the hospital. March 2010

                                                       last weekend hanging out. June 2010

one of her most favorite things to do..read and be read to. :)

                                                  swim time on Father's Day 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Morning Sunshines!

One morning last week both babies we up at the same time and after Jackson finished his bottle he was sitting in the boppy.  Emma Kate wanted to sit beside her baby brother.  Brett was able to grab the camera quick and get these pictures.  Put a big smile on my face...I just though they both looked really sweet sitting together.

Swinging from the Tree

Aunt Barbie, Uncle Steve, & Aunt Katie got Emma Kate a tree swing for her birthday.  It's meant for my parents house since they have so many big beautiful trees.  Emma Kate gave it a try last week.  She loved it!  We even let baby J sit it in.  I know my babies will love swinging from that tree for many years. Here are pics from the first swing ride.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Up Close with My Baby J

This post is all about up close pics of baby Jackson that I love. Here is my sweet man.

sitting in my boppy

sometimes it nice to sit around with just your diaper on

sitting out by the pool in the evening 

happy in the bumbo

i love you J!!

doing tummy time on Mama

                                                            Okay Mom, I'm tired stop taking pictures!