Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meet The Teacher 2014

 {August 22, 2014}
Friday night was the big night to meet Emma Kate's Kindergarten teacher & see her classroom. She has been a bit nervous leading up to school, but once I mentioned making a goodie basket for her teacher she got really excited putting it together & then giving it to Mrs. Gullett. She was happy & interested in the classroom finding her table spot, locker, & looking around.
I cannot write too much here because I'm feeling overwhelmed with emotions about sending her off to Kinder. I love this child more than any words I could ever find.

She took a Mommy & Daddy before picture. 

  She recognized this book we've read before on her teacher's easel.
                                        Checking out her locker.
Showing brother her table.
       This guy hopped right up in the teacher chair & ready to go!

                   Her preschool friend is in her class this year.
           They gave each other a big hug that warmed my heart!

                      Being silly in front of the mirrors.

Ready for a great year!! Teacher in training?!?!
Love you sweet angel!

A Few Last Summer Bucket List Items

Having a lunch date with Daddy was on our summer list. The kids loved watching the chef cook our food right in front of them & do tricks.
I also promised them an "end of summer/back to school" treat to Build-A-Bear. They were so precious there!

                                How could I say no to these two??

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sweet Summer Time (August - last one)

It's been a truly wonderful summer! Vacation blog posts to come once the kids are back in school (too many to sort & organize through now.)

Park playing with cousin Lucas (almost 18 months old)
    EK still loves toddlers/babies. She's so sweet & good with them.

                                  Sprinkler & running fun

                Church Camp End of Summer Music Program

Their biggest fans!
            EK had such a wonderful time at Frozen dance camp.
                                     Dance class friends
                                   Friends Kennedy & Kason
Lunch date with Mommy
                           Same rules don't apply to Pop!
                           Train watching at the cleaners.
Lunch/mall date with my aunt & my cousin's girls, Gracie & Hannah. My kiddos always enjoy hanging out with them!

Kinder class playdate of some of EK's classmates at the park.
             Her preschool friend, Anna is in the same class. Yay!
 Liam & EK always like playing together & have such a sweet friendship!
 Hawaiian Falls with our friends. Walking hand & hand with Grace.
                      Getting to stroll Finny made EK's day!

                               No cavities for both still.
                            Trim time finished with an Elsa braid.