Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's been 10 years..since I graduated high school!

Last night was my Plano Senior High School 10 year reunion. Honestly, I cannot believe it's been 10 years already & how far I've come from then & what my life is like now.  I was on the fence for awhile about going to the reunion for a few reasons: #1 it was pricey ($132 bucks for Brett & I to go) and #2 I graduated with the largest class in the United States that year...1,805 people...so I didn't even know if enough of my friends and people I actually wanted to see would be there v.s. total strangers.  But I figured I'd regret it if we didn't go and I'm REALLY happy we did! I got to see lots of great friends for an overdue visit!
10 years ago I graduated high school an average student who really didn't know exactly where I wanted to go, but took a chance of faith and headed off to the University of Arkansas.  BEST CHOICE OF MY LIFE!! Going to Fayetteville was the perfect experience and thing for me.  I ended up finding Brett there (plus some of my bff's)!! Then, we made the choice to come back to Plano to live, which has been a wonderful place for us & now our little family. So the ending to this little story is... I've come full circle and truly happy about it!

Pics before we went to the reunion @ Bent Tree Country Club. I'm mad I forgot my camera so I don't have pics from the actual reunion.

Here's Babysitter #1 aka Lolly so we could get away for the evening.  And Mom helped me find my new outfit for the reunion. :) 

 Babysitter #2 aka Pop. They had it pretty easy since the babies went to bed around 7 something. :)
 My hot date!! Thanks Brett for being such a trooper and going to my reunion where you didn't know ppl.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Visit with The Guernsey's

Katie & I holding each others baby boys! Can you tell Jackson is a ladies man?!?

Recently, we went over to visit the Guernseys, that includes Katie, Andrew, baby Carter James, Sammie, & Dexter.  Background info: Katie & I met teaching Kindergarten together at Borchardt. Then, we trained & ran the White Rock half marathon together in 2007 so that's how we got to become such good friends!
Fast forward now...I've been gone from Borchardt for almost a year & a half and have 2 babies.  Katie got pregnant last year and her due date was in May. But God had another plan, Carter James was born in Febuary (8 weeks premature). He didn't even weigh 4 pounds...tiny boy! Now he's 6 months old & doing WONDERFULLY! He's on the normal charts now, not premmie one. Yay!!
We went to take Carter some diapers & clothes Jackson had outgrown & visit with them. Andrew had never met our babies & Brett had never met Carter. Plus, Katie has 2 furry babies as well. I couldn't wait to see EK's reaction to Dexter, the great dane. She said "horsey!" haha. Here are pics from our visit.

       Dexter in his house...Emma Kate checking him out!

Love that dog!!

                        She wasn't so sure at first!

Emma Kate, Carter, and Jackson

holding sweet baby Carter

J loves Katie!! He was smiling like crazy!

Brett was holding & looking at Carter's room...then Emma wanted to be picked up too!

Look how the babies are holding hands!

Andrew with Jackson

                        All of the boys!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 16 Months, Emma Kate!

Tonight before bed Daddy & her read ALL 26 alphabet books.

Today Emma Kate is 16 months old! That number seems entirely too high! Emma Kate, you are such a joy to us! You make us laugh every single day with your funny little personality & all the smart things you do. In the past month, your independence has come through even more & you are testing some boundaries with us, but that's all part of being a toddler & figuring things out. You are still talking up a storm, learning new things all the time (like puzzles & how to climb up & slide down your playset), eating any fruit or veggie we give you, & starting to do your own dance moves too. :)  Here are some recent pictures of Emma Kate.

Mommy & Emma Kate
Daddy & Emma Kate
         Seeing Lolly after 6 days...she went to California.

                      Seriously...who is happier here?!?!?

My new favorite of Mom & EK together. :)

Pop holding EK like he used to hold me when I was little!

playing in the fluffy blanket

Loves her pretend food!

                             Yep, Daddy's Girl!
                EK wanted to swiffer vac one day.
Yes, this proves she is my daughter! She liked it!

 Little naked time after bath...just take a seat in the bumbo!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lots of Playing

I took these pictures a couple weeks ago while we were over hanging out & playing at my parents (Lolly & Pop) house.

The Toy Closet
It's one of Emma Kate's favorite places in their whole house. She loves making trips back and forth until she has every single toy out. I'm sure once Jackson is big enough to realize the closet filled with toys he'll be right there with her.

"Where do I want to start?!?"

happy girl :)

Stroller Fun
Jackson loves to be strolled around their house so Emma Kate was helping Lolly push J around that day.

What a great big sis!!

Taking a break from strolling to sit with Lolly.

Baby J in the High Chair
That day we put Jackson in Emma Kate's high chair and he fit perfectly. He's already outgrown the bumbo.