Thursday, January 31, 2013

January "Every Day Kinda Iphone Pics"

 Shooting hoops after dinner one night while waiting on Daddy to come home.

 A Friday dinner out. Milkshake stealer man!
 Newspaper for sale!
 Wants to be a runner girl like mommy! She's way faster than me!
 This one caught something a few weeks ago. Fever for  multiple days means lazing around.
 However, you get to have a popsicle while in the tub to bring your fever down.
 After her doctor appointment.
 Staying home with Mommy & having a quick Starbucks trip.
 Dance party in the kitchen.
 Worn out after playgroup.
My two cuties in my two Razorback rockers .

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mama's Birthday Dinner

My birthday fell on a Tuesday this year & since the hubs is in his "busy season" at work we knew celebrating on my actual day wouldn't work. I decided that I wanted a family birthday dinner. The kids, my parents, Brett & I went out to the Shops of Legacy and had a great dinner at Coal Vines. Brett so sweetly took some pictures of the kids & I before we went to dinner. I love these & made my whole birthday.
 My chapped dry face little man :)

 Her "fake my mom told me to say cheese smile."
 Her "laugh Emma Kate" face.

 Love this one!

A family picture & I'm in LOVE with it!
 My across the table view.
 11th birthday celebrated together with my love.
Lolly & EK finishing dinner.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January Playdates With Two Of Our FAVS

The title sums up this post. A few Fridays ago, we finally saw Monica, Jack, & Gracen. Played at our park & went to El Fenix together. Emma Kate, please marry this adorable & so very sweet little guy. Jack. The bonus for me is that Mon & I will be in-lawed to each other! :)

Last week, our other favorites came over after school one day to play here. Ashley, Mia, & Cate. I refer to them as "The Sheehan Girls." Emma Kate, Mia is such a wonderful & sweet sweet friend to you. You both have so much fun prancing around in your princess dress-up outfits. I cannot stand how adorable you looked dressing up with Mia & Cate. :) Brother was feeling a bit jealous. Ashley- is such a great friend of mine that I've made because of Emma Kate. It seems strange now that in life that's how I'm going to make some of my new friendships. I know I won't become "friends" with everyone one my kids friends parents, but I'm going to hold onto this one. :)

Thanks Ashley for getting these pics. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby Lucas' Shower

January 13, 2013: My mom & I hosted Katie & baby Lucas' shower. Great shower, great food, cocktails, & the mama-to-be had a great time & got lots of baby goodies! Can't wait to meet & hold sweet baby Lucas in a short 4 weeks!

EK was beyond excited & got sick (101 fever) the morning of the shower. She was SO SAD, but knew she didn't want to get anyone sick.
Katie looks AMAZING at 35 weeks preggers!

Aunt Barbie made the diaper cake for her first grandbaby. :)

Two of my besties, Monica & Kates.
Gracen & Lolly.

Two of Katie's longtime Plano best friends, Jenn & Renee.

"I love my aunt" from ME!

Blue minky robe from us.

Have to have a monogram initial lovie. :)
Some of Emma Kate & Jackson's favorite books for Lucas.

Aunt Barb & Carrie with my mom.