Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captured a Sweet Moment

Before we moved (a month ago or so) Jackson learned how to climb up on the little playset we had inside & was quite proud of himself! It was only a matter of time. The sweet moment came about when Emma Kate noticed that Jack liked to have a "cheerleader" waiting for him at the bottom of the slide. She kept saying "Jack catch me Jack catch me!!" here are the pics Brett got of them in action.

*I wish they would always play so nice. Hasn't been the case lately. Ugh!

Oh just a little tackle!
 Watching Jackson do it over & over & over.

Yay Sweet Man!

Friday, July 22, 2011

200th POST!! Splashing in Shades!

As I started this post I noticed it's my 200th post WOW!! 200 posts in about 2 years! I MUST get to work on our "blog book" so I can turn our blog into a book as a keepsake. Add it to my to-do list!

Back to "Splashing in Shades" I came across these pics from one of EK & Jackson's last days in swimming lessons with Ms. Renee back in June & couldn't help but sharing. 

 My Angel Faces <3
 Looks about right....her pointing!
 Good job monkey crawling sis!

 Gotta love this sweet chubby man!!
 sitting dive

Emma Kate starts WOGA

July 6th Emma Kate had her first gymnastics class at WOGA! I forgot my dang camera that day (bad mama!) so here are the pictures from her 2nd class. Ashley & I had chatted about the girls (EK & Mia) taking gymnastics together. Then, Ashley looked into it & got us set up at WOGA Frisco, which is exactly where I wanted EK to go because it's the BEST! Future Gold medalist haha!! It's even more fun because she's taking with one of her favorite friends, Mia. :)

Brief history: I grew up going to meets for this gym because Brooke, my childhood BFF's sister Brittany was an amazing gymnast there & right at the level to make it to the Olympics. Also, 2 Olympic Gold Medalist have trained there....Nastia Lukin & Carly Patterson. I LOVE watching gymnastics, it's one of my favorite Olympic sports!


 Butterfly stretch
 Our sweet friends, Ashley & Mia

 Good stretching!

 Go Mia! About to do her roll.

 Lolly & Jackson watching in background.

 Her favorite part...jumping on the trampoline.

 Bear crawling on the beam.
 Shapes, colors, & #'s with the coach.

 Inside the "tent"

 Stamp time!