Monday, May 27, 2013

{5-2-13 & 5-9-13} Two Special Kids & Teas

I had the privilege of going to Emma Kate & Jackson's Mother's Day Teas in their classes at the beginning of May. The kids & their teachers put in so much work & prep to make it special. Emma Kate's class went through their calendar routine, recited Psalms 139 (very impressive!), & a prayer before having our tea treats while she showed me her Alphabet Beach book she worked on all year.
Jackson's tea was the following week. His class did a presentation of songs & even the entire Lord's Prayer (very impressive!) He recited all of them, but got more shy & more shy as the presentation went on. Maybe because of all the mom's iPhones videoing everywhere ha! Then he showed me his work while we had treats.
What a wonderful group of teachers they've had! So lucky! I felt beyond special walking into their classrooms & having Emma Kate & Jackson's little faces light up when I arrived. Melt me!

Emma Kate's Tea

Jackson's Tea

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fayetteville Visit Yay!!

May 10-12th: We headed to Fayetteville last weekend...one of our favorite places! It's the place where is ALL started for Brett & I. Will always hold a special place in our hearts & some of our very best friends too!!
We don't visit as often as we do, because our BFF's are so great about coming down to see us & mostly every time we go to AR we visit Fort Smith (Brett's hometown) to see family.
When we do visit the Ville, it's somewhat like a time warp for me because here I have my kids & then on the other hand I vividly remember my college memories like they were yesterday. So much that I took a run around Wilson Park (where I used to run when I lived in the KD house), up Maple Street with all the sororities where I lived, & throughout campus. I just couldn't soak in enough this time....wonderful all around!!!
We had a wonderful weekend. Stayed at Paul's, had pizza & hung out Friday night, played at Wilson park, went out to Ak's parents lakehouse in Lowell which was amazing, then the kids got to go to their first Razorback baseball game (where it ALL started!), & then topped off by a Common Grounds breakfast on Dickson Street Sunday morning.  Always great with our BFF's & kids together!!

 EK started running a fever & went to bed...Jack stayed up with the grown ups & loved every second!
 Feeding Jamie cupcakes
 Throwing the ball to Sam with Carrie & Paul.

Playing on the iphone with Burney.
 Saturday at AK's parents lakehouse.
 Seriously how could we not all have a great time here all day?!!
 Her parents  house up that big "mountain"

 Putting on a show.

 Playing with a door.
 First time fishing, which Benard set up.
Fishing with AK for the 1st time.

 Boat ride. 2nd ever in their lives.

 Loving it! My awesome wind blown hair. :)

Hanging with Paul on the dock. Pretty cute.
Fishing with Burney. Pretty cute.
 Jack took this iphone pic of Mommy & Daddy.
 Up close. Good job!

Girl lake pic!

Love it!

 First Razorback Baseball game. Baum Stadium May 11, 2013. Arkansas vs Tennessee (we won:)
 Veiw from Pag's box we were in.

 Visiting the tribute in the stadium. #25 her Daddy.
 #11 his Pop
 With Ribby the Razorback.
 Priceless! Her watching baseball at Baum Stadium with him.
 Calling the HOGS!!!
 Girl pic where it started! Diamond Dolls = BFFS for life!

 EK was attached to Jules at the game.

 Dancing during 7th ending stretch.

 Common Grounds breakfast.
 Pop's name on Senior Walk 1972
Daddy's name (masters degree) on Senior Walk 2004
Climbing around the art building.