Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Emma Kate!!

April 27, 2009 - Just a few minutes old
May 2009 - Just a few days old
April 27, 2011- 2 years old

Today is Emma Kate's 2nd birthday!! I loved asking her all day "Is today your birthday? How old are you?" She would reply "Yes, I'm TWO!" Sometimes I cannot believe it's only been 2 years since I became a mom, but other days I recall my "before" babies life. Either way, I wouldn't change a thing & am the luckiest girl ever to be Emma Kate & Jackson's mom.

Yesterday, I took Emma Kate to her 2 year well-visit. She talked all morning about seeing Dr. Hayes & then of course right on cue when she actually sees Dr. Hayes the meltdown of sheer panic & anxiety started. She clung to me for dear life. I loved being the one to comfort her because if Brett would have been there she wouldn't have left his chest. But it's sad that she gets that worked up. She did talk to Dr. Hayes some & answered questions. Dr. Hayes did note how well she spoke. I agreed! Her stats surprised me because we all think she's pretty petite:
Weight: 28.6 lbs. (75%)
Height: 34 inches (60%)
Head: 85% (smart girl!)

After her doctors appointment I promised her just a girls lunch out. We met Sara at Grand Lux at the Galleria. It seemed like she really enjoyed just her solo time with mama! I of course LOVED it too! Jackson had a fun time with Lolly. So it was nice that each baby got one-on-one time.

Today she opened a few cards, looked at her birthday shirt Sara made her, & read the new bday Dora book before Brett left for work. We went by the cleaners so everyone could tell her happy bday & then met Brett for lunch at Uncle Julio's. A treat to see him mid-day! Then after naptime, wrapped up the afternoon playing outside at Lolly & Pop's. I took 100 pics today...outta control! So bear with me...Enjoy! :)

 Birthday morning

 Talking & telling me "no take my picture mama!"
 Hey whats this?!?

 Little snack time in a laundry basket...normal for a dry cleaners grand daughter!

 Think she's happy to see Daddy?!?

 present time!
 A PIANO!! She's been pretend playing for weeks now. :)

 A new baby doll...Polly.
 Jack can't wait for the new baby doll either. ha!
 Kissing/biting who knows!

 Loving on Polly!
 New jammies with her name.
 Big hit!

 and a MIC too!!
 J had to come check it out.


 Putting out the duck food.

 Her special job.

 An attempt to get a mommy/daughter pic...not the greatest pic!


 Napping with her baby. :)
 Too sweet!

 Running back after dropping her baby off on the other porch to take a nap. :)
 1st time for FLAN! Lolly & Pop brought her some back from Avalia's...yummy! She only ate 2 bites ha!
"This stuff is kinda slimy!"