Monday, April 27, 2015

March "Madness"

{March 2015}
Spring hits & both kids birthday happen back to back months of each other and overall life gets a tad bit busier it seems to me in March! I wanted to put up just the last bit of any March happenings that didn't have its own post.

 "Texas/Cowgirl" day. She had lots of fun eating different Texas foods & learning about our great state.
Jackson had his "Texas/Cowboy" day the same day too!
Happy St. Patrick's Day from half of our Irish Twins! (differing school start times means separate pics)

Other half of the Irish Twins!
Together in front of a St. Patty's tree
Open House showing us her hard work.

"I share happiness by: giving a picture"
Special Shirley temple for a job well done on her open house.

Playing new birthday game he got.

His favorite birthday gift from us, Octonauts set.
Sidewalk painting with our neighbor, Cade.
After dance ritual is feeding the ducks.
"Signature" pose
Made Mommy feel SO loved!!!
Jackson with neighborhood playgroup for Easter egg hunt.
Big laughs at bath time one night.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Emma Kate's Kingdom Tales Book & Ceremony

{March 2015}
Emma Kate's school has a program where kids can create, write, & illustrate their own book called "Kingdom Tales" Then it gets made into a real hardback book including a dedication & about the author page. We started creating her book back in the fall. She created her book after fairy character "Pinkerbelle" she made up and the story was about this fairy with a magic talent.

She dedicated her first Kingdom Tales book to "Lolly & Pop" (without any hesitation!) The day came for the ceremony & the principal announced each child & the title of their book. Then the child said their name & who they dedicated their book to. Lolly & Pop were there to witness the dedication & support our little author. What a special program & we were so proud of her!!!
Entering the stage

That's her BFF, Anna (blonde one standing).

Monday, April 20, 2015

Jackson Reid Turns FIVE!!!!!

{March 15, 2015}

I've had this posted drafted since March & for some reason I kept procrastinating on finishing it. Maybe I'm somewhat in denial that my baby turned FIVE years old March 15th. I can hardly recall life without him, yet these 5 years have gone by in the blink of an eye.

I will always refer to you as the surprise of my life. Joining us a mere 10 1/2 months after your sister was born. You completed our family. God knew exactly what he was doing when he created you. You are so so special & I feel forever grateful that I get the privilege of being your mom. Love you to the moon & back!!! XOXO

 March 15, 2010 minutes after he was born at 1:37pm

5 years later: Celebrating Jackson

Card big sis made for him :)

Magic kit from Gramma. Happy little Wizard!

Happy 5th birthday, J Man!!!