Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 22nd, 2012...I turned 3-0!!!

Well, it actually happened...I had to turn 30! I wanted to avoid this number like the plague! Why I don't know? I just keep thinking "it's been a decade since I tuned 20 & met Brett! How could this be real?"

Well, I couldn't run away from the date of my birth so I embraced it with a really great birthday weekend. I'll recap: Saturday Brett worked in the morning & I took the kids to play at the Stonebriar Mall while I researched treadmills (bday gift from my wonderful Mom...oh getting old is so fun you have to actually work out AND watch what you eat to lose weight & stay in shape UGH!!), Saturday afternoon Brett told me to head out for a much needed hair appointment, & then that night was our birthday date night together. He took me to Pappa Brothers Steakhouse...for sure one of my Top Five favorite restaurants because it's just so damn good! We had a really great dinner in which I consumed a large amount of calories. My "last supper in my 20's" consisted of: wine (duh!), lobster bisque soup, 6 ounces of lobster, 6 ounces of steak, asparagus, crab macaroni & cheese (seriously should be outlawed!), & gooey pecan pie!! Yes, 30,000 calories of the girl turning 30 & worth every bite!!!
Sunday was my actual birthday. We picked the kids up from my parents house that morning. Hung out for a bit at home & then when they went down for a nap I headed to get a massage, thanks to my husband who set it up. :) That was a super relaxing hour!! Love massages.
That evening we had a birthday dinner party at my parents house, Katie, my cousin & Aunt Barbie cooked up one of their wonderful meals. Ribs, mashed potatoes, & cole slaw salad. YUM! My Mom really made my birthday special. She got a beautiful & so tasty cake in the shape of 3-0 in my favorite colors. Loved it!! Thanks Mom :)
I'm going to state my turning 30 philosophy: I've been dreading that daunting number for quite a long while now, but I've decided if my next thirty years are as wonderful as my next thirty I'll be VERY lucky & blessed! xoxo

 "Lolly, we're having a sleep over!"
 Putting her "suitbox" in her room
 BH & I going out
 Last picture in my 20's

 Sunday @ my parents


 Birthday girl with my girl!


 Big family table with kids table attachment :)
 Big hug with my guys...Dad & Jackson :)
 Singing Happy Birthday song

 Aunt Barbie & J Man

 kids table...these 2 cannot be trusted at their own table!
What a BEAUTIFUL cake!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Triking & Driving

Lately we do both these activities a few times a week. I luckily had my camera with me that day to catch some great memories of my kids enjoying life. Which makes my life. :)

I won't forget this moment as long as I live because it was priceless. The kids ran to the pink car to drive it. My Dad said "you've got to get your tunes on" & he turned the car radio on. Then, started doing a "Stan dance" all around the car...this is their reactions to his dancing...priceless!
 Driving Miss Emma Kate

Riding away in the sunset <3