Thursday, November 5, 2009

6 month checkup

I took Emma Kate to her 6 month checkup last week.  She's doing good! 

Weight: 15.75 pounds (50%)
Height:  25 inches  (25%) 
Head:  17   (75%)

She had to get 4 shots.  She took it like a trooper!  Cried for a couple moments then she was okay.  So happy to have a healthy baby girl!!

First Halloween with our Baby Bumblebee

Emma Kate was a bumblebee on her first Halloween.  We dressed her up and took a walk around our neighborhood.  There weren't very many people out this year.  Maybe lots of people went to Halloween parties.  Either way Emma Kate didn't know the difference!  She just thought it was a bit starnge to be walking through the neighborhood in a costume! 

at the Hip Mommies Halloween Baby playdate

the other cute babies dressed up

thanks Gramma for my pumpkin bib!

Aunt Katie & Aunt Barbie got her the "I'm so cute it's scary" tee. Adorable!

What is going on??!!

she loved buzzing & flying around!

I love this one!

full moon on Halloween