Monday, December 31, 2012

A White Christmas & My New Favorite Family Picture(s)


Christmas Morning 2012

It's the best feeling watching Christmas through your children's eyes. Sweet, innocent, & so adorable when they look downstairs to see if Santa had been there the night before.
Santa leaves out any unwrapped gifts & then each child has 3 gifts from Mommy & Daddy at our house.
Emma Kate's Christmas 2012 mainly consisted of princess anything, a Leap Pad 2, outfits for her American Girl baby, car matching her doll house, art toy to attach ipad to, doctor dress up, nightgowns.
Jackson's Christmas 2012 was lots of Jake & Neverland Pirates toys, Leap Pad 2, basketball hoop (for both kids), remote control Thomas the Train.
                                 Santa came!!

                              Oh yes he did come!

                          New watch
                                     Mommy reading the letter Santa left them.

                Cute conversation between a 3 1/2 & 2 1/2 year old.
                                              Pretty happy!
                                 Bitty in a new outfit

Christmas Day at Lolly & Pop's

After we did Santa & gifts from us, we packed up & went to Lolly & Pop's for our LAST Christmas. We had a great breakfast that my Mom always makes for us, opened gifts (Jackson lost focus & just wanted to color with his new markers), the kids played, watched the parade, napped, & then my Dad's side of the family came over. Plus, we got a Christmas miracle...it SNOWED in DALLAS, TX on Christmas!

                               On the "good list" this year
                                Another "good lister"

                                       Our gift to Lolly.
EK showing Lolly pictures that Daddy put together for her.

 "I don't want to open more gifts. I want to color with my new markers."

                                 Set of baby strollers for Lolly & Pop's house!

               Pop got the lucky job of taking toys out of boxes. Ha!
 Jackson got doctor dress up. He was using one of the doctor tools to "pretend" to open Lolly's window blinds like she does with the remote. Funny guy!
 The kids say "Pop has old slippers!" all the time. Santa brought him some new ones.
   Jackson was up first from naptime so he saw the snowfall first.

                              Two of the best guys around!
Wanted to go in the yellow car. No driving that day, but a sit will do.

Watching a squirrel running on the snowy tree

  Logan, Darrell, Jackson, & I doing some opening.
                               My Dad's outdoor Christmas tree all lit up.


Christmas 2012 was WONDERFUL!!!