Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aunt Jamie & Donna visit!!

Last weekend, one of our very best friends, Aunt Jamie & Donna (her mama) came down from Arkansas to meet baby Jackson and see Emma Kate for her first birthday.  They came over Saturday morning and we all played.  Then after naptime, we headed over to Watter's Creek in Allen for a little shopping and early dinner at Cheesecake Factory before they had to drive back home.  It was such a wonderful day!! Thank you both for coming to see us. We love you!

Jamie meeting Baby J for the first time

Aunt Jamie brought EK her bday gift...the cutest pillowcase dress, matching bow & a t-shirt :)
The tee says "My Daddy won't let me date until I'm 30!"
Baby J LOVED Donna!!

still sleeping in Donna's arms

Jackson loves Aunt James too!
Thanks Uncle Mark for my tie onesie!  He's looking sharp!
My handsome fellow!

after dinner

Babies in Bluebonnets

The Texas state flower is the bluebonnet and every year you can see tons of people taking their kids pics in the pretty fields with blueboonets.  We happen to live right beside Bluebonnet Trail in Plano so we took a little walk over there on Sunday to get some pictures. 

Our fav!!!

pointing of course!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playdate...Jackson's 1st & Emma Kate back playing with her baby friends!

I decided it was time for us to venture out to our first playdate since having baby J.  On Monday, we went over to Misty & baby Gavin's house to play.  It felt really nice to be back out around our baby & mommy friends again.  Jackson slept through the whole thing. :)  Emma Kate had fun playing and was a tired girl when we got home! 

                                             Jackson taking a nap while the other kiddos play.

Emma Kate & her friend, Caroline playing in the ball pit...too cute!
Julia was showing EK how to play the guitar in the ball pit.

Family Visitors

Grandpa Gene, Adele, and Amanda came down to meet the newest Hagedorn addition and visit us.  Here are some pics.
giving Grandpa smiles

Emma Kate showing off her room

The Little Pink Car

Brett & I bought Emma Kate a little Step 2 pink car for her birthday a few weeks ago.  Since the weather has been so nice outside we went ahead and gave it to her early.  She LOVES it!! She cruises in it almost everyday.  She throws she arms in the air while we push her like she's on a rollercoster.  I wanted to share some pics. 
first drive

Jackson in the moby wrap ready to take a walk or a snooze. :)
Sweet boy
Daddy pushing Emma Kate
we even drive around in the house!
Lolly likes it just as much as Emma Kate. :)
She spotted me taking pics of her across the street.
We went to get the mail & Mama's People came...EK needed to cathc up on all the latest.