Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Emma Kate!!

Today at 3:13pm will mark 3 years ago that Emma Kate entered the world! Brett & I became parents to the most wonderful baby girl & she's even more wonderful than we could have EVER imagined! She truly makes me the luckiest mama in the world.
She's having a pretty fab day today...opened some gifts this morning, then we went to meet our Friday playgroup at the Village in Fairview fountains, grabbed Chick Fil A on the way home (her request), now napping, & when the kids wake up we're heading to Chuck E Cheese for bday dinner & games. Plus, Aunt Jamie & Carrie are driving down from Arkansas to spend the weekend with us!! Yay!
Here are a few pictures from today & a flashback to April 27, 2009.
Welcome to the world, sweet Emma Kate! 

In love with her new Princess vanity/piano that plays Disney songs. :))

 "Mom just because it's my birthday doesn't mean I want my pic taken! I wanna go play!"

Two 3 year old girlies!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Emma Kate's First Dentist Visit

This morning, I took Emma Kate to the dentist for her first check-up & cleaning. We had talked about it leading up to today & I was hopeful that she wouldn't be frightened or upset when they were in her mouth. I'm so happy to report that she did wonderfully!! Couldn't have been a better 1st visit. They had a really fun game room to wait in. Then such a nice & sweet dental hygienist, Kate to show EK all the tools & make her comfortable. EK watched & listened so well to directions.  She got her teeth counted, cleaned, & flossed. They do a rating for each patient & Emma Kate got a 100%! Yay! Dr. Ryan said parents should pat themselves on the back as well since we're the ones majority doing the routine of brushing. Overall, such a great visit! And next time we'll see if EK has all her teeth in (still hasn't gotten her 2 year molars yet...at almost 3 years old! Sorry EK that's Mommy's fault you're a slow teether. It's hereditary. :( )

 The 100% club!! (her pic is the bottom middle one)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

After Party!

This is my final birthday party post. I did warn in the first post that we took a lot of pictures ha! This is what we do after the party has wrapped up...the grow ups join in on the jumping & sliding fun!

Lovebirds, EK & Jack!

Monica & I BFFS
Laughing too hard!

Gracen aka "G" is the closer! Always making a good tumble at the end!
The whole crew...Lolly, Aunt Barbie, Katie, EK, Jackson, Gracen, & M heading down!
Aunt Katie & J Man

There goes Aunt Barbie
Lolly turn...

Love it!

Thinking I'm up past my bedtime huh!

Sending Cinderella down.
Thanks Aunt Barb for getting Jackson this fun monkey hat!