Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful for Thanksgiving 2011 (Part 1)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. I say week because we had lots of special company throughout last week & it reminded me of exactly what I'm thankful for this year.

~ The health & well-being of my children, family, & friends. ~

2 weeks ago, my Aunt Barb & Uncle Steve (Katie's mom & Dad) were in a motorcycle accident while on a ride in Arkansas. It was a bad accident with many injuries (broken collar bones, cracked ribs & hip, a punctured lung, & broken bones in the pelvis between both of them.) However, they are alive & truly that's all we cared about! They arrived back in Dallas after being in a Little Rock Hospital for 6 days. Now they are both home & recovering. Seeing them at Thanksgiving made me so very thankful for the health of everyone I love!

Back to Thanksgiving week....we took lots of pictures throughout the week so I'm going to break them up in multiple posts. This Part 1 I'm going to post pics with Cousin Nicole in town! Nicole is Aunt Barb's nephew,s daughter. She's 17 & lives in Georgia. We were all so excited that she begged & made it happen with her parents to come spend Thanksgiving here with us. She stayed with us one night & the rest with Katie. I tried to snap as many pics with her & the kids. They both loved Nicole!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brett's 31st Bday

Last Sunday was Brett's birthday. I had been telling the kids all week that Daddy's birthday was coming up. Emma Kate likes knowing whose bday it is & singing the song. Her & I went to Shops of Legacy eariler that week to buy him a vintage looking Mavs shirt as one of his gifts & she enjoyed picking it out. Plus trying on like 20 hats in the store!
We also had a full house that weekend too. Grandpa Gene, Adele, & Amanda came to visit us. It was really great having them here! Saturday, I made some game-day snacks while the guys watched the Razorback game & us girls headed out to the mall. Sunday, we ate breakfast out at IHOP, played at the park in the morning. When the kids woke up from their long naps, we went to pick up a cookie cake for Brett & ride the horseys. We got a "wild hair" and decided to go to Benihana for his bday dinner. It was the kids first time there. They did pretty well & enjoyed the cook right in front of us!

 Playing out back Friday evening

 Emma Kate was having lots of fun playing ball with everyone!

 Giving Granpa rocks.
 Playing with Amanda
 Trying on hat at the mall :)


They LOVE each other!!!
 Birthday present time!

 "Daddy, do you like your gifts?"
 AHHHHHH Jack.... you melt me!!!
"Cool stuff, Grandpa"