Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 4, 2012: Big Girl Gets A Big Girl Bed

I'm late in posting this for 2 reasons: 1.) I kinda didn't want to jinx it 2.) I wanted her whole "big girl" room to be finished with pictures (but we're waiting on a few new pieces to be delivered so that will be another blog post.)
Sooooo at 3 years & 1 month old our sweet angel face was ready for a big girl bed. Emma Kate has always been a great sleeper which was the reason we hadn't pushed the issue. However, since becoming potty trained night time has been our hardest issue. No accidents in the day, totally good there. But at night she wasn't staying dry & wouldn't do a pull up. Brett asked her one day "Would you like a big girl bed?" Without hesitation said "Yes! And I won't go pee pee in a big girl bed." Well, okay then! Honestly, I know she wasn't intentionally wetting her crib, but I do believe she knew she was ready for the next step.
She was beyond excited for her bed to turn into a big bed & the pretty bedding. "It has roses on it like Beauty & the Beast" she stated. :)
So far things are going well she is calling us in the middle of the night/morning when she needs to go to the bathroom (bc we think she might get hurt trying to get off the tall bed & it's dark.) We also think the rule is in place that you don't just get out of your bed whatever you want. She has become quite the little staller for multiple reasons for us to come back up at night.
This was such a bittersweet event because truly Emma Kate's crib was the last baby item left. My mind raced back to when we were sleep training her walking around her nursery in circles trying to get her to fall asleep, rocking her with a bottle & laying her down in the crib, & seeing that sweet face after naps & in morning time.

 Waking up from her last nap in her crib.

 Pretty happy!

 Brother was pretty happy too!

 "Okay, I think he needs head to his own room!
 Sleeping Beauty

I couldn't resist sneaking in for sleeping pics. I love you, Emma Kate!! xoxo

Monday, June 18, 2012

Zoo Visit

A June trip in Dallas to the Zoo means get there in the morning before it gets really hot! I'm behind in blogging so this is from like 2-3 weeks ago, but I loved some pics & memories captured so I must include. The kids did SO great this time & we had such a fun time together!

 Nice people that offer to take family pics of us...Thank You!!

 Kiddie Zoo looking at the koi pond.
 Chasing the bird.

Is this not Lion King of what?!?
 Wow, the cheetah! So sleek & kinda scary walking around.

 Licking the ice :)
 This was Emma Kate's first time actually feeding the giraffes.

Love it!! Paw Power!!

 Brett holding a child & my yellow purse haha awesome site!!
 Lunch time

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Summer of Splashing & Swimming (Part 2)

More summer water pics...I truly love seeing my kids outside with smiles on their faces. :)

    Full speed ahead

This picture makes me happy! Pic with my girl!

Having so much fun with Daddy. :)

 My Two Little Fishes