Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family Beach Vacation 2013 {Day 3}

{Day 3} Breakfast at Cowboy Kitchen, lots more pool and beach time, & Seaside for the evening.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Family Beach Vacation 2013 {Day 2}

{Day 2} Our first full day on vacay. Lots of beach time, swimming in the pool, & then to Seaside "square" for dinner, ice cream, & running in the grassy field.

Think she's ready for the beach?!?
Our yard area.

Serious shoveler

My whole world :)

Our new beach "game" just formed...

Mommy scoops (pie or pizza or cake) then EK & Jack "feed" it to the ocean.
Oh it's fun!!

Ready to head to Seaside
Fell asleep on the 5 mile drive
Awake & discovering the ADORABLE Seaside area. Duckies is such a cute store!

Dinner at The Great Southern
Love me some vacay!
What we did while waiting on our dinner...make a list of family & Arkansas friends. <3 p="">
Jackson's turn to list.
<3 p="">
The MOST beautiful girl in the WHOLE world!!! There I said it!

Happy Daddy

My delish meal. Shrimp, fried green tomatoes, gouda grits, & hush puppies.

They loved running through the grassy field.

Ice cream pit stop.