Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Road Trip as a Family of Four

This weekend we road-tripped it up to Fayetteville, AR! This was Jackson's first road trip ever & our first time all getting away together. It was a fabulous weekend!! Emma Kate & Jackson did so well the whole weekend (minus EK only napping barely an hour on the way home & being whiney in her car seat, but hey she doesn't get the whole "we're going to be in car awhile" concept).  I was also worried about how the babies would sleep in pack & plays...not a problem!
Emma Kate & Jackson LOVED spending time with Aunt Jamie & Aunt Bear. Carrie was sweet to let us take-over her house. It's much easier to be away from home when you're in a home!
The only thing that would have made the weekend perfect...if Arkansas would have pulled out the win over #1 ranked Bama. :(

Here are the pics from our weekend.

  Friday @ 12:30pm Ready to head out!
"No way Mom! No neck pillow for me!"

Taking a walk Saturday morning with Aunt "Mamie" Jamie

 playing boy
The big game....Arkansas vs Alabama. Brett tailgated & went to the game while Jamie & I hung with the babies. We drove by the stadium to see the "Red Out" of 76,000 fans!!
  Driving down Maple Street towards Razorback Road. I miss how beautiful Fayetteville is.
Since I was in college, this has been one of my favorite houses. It's across the street from the stadium.
 Say cheese :)
 Emma Kate spotted the item she wanted...
 "Okay, give it!" A little sibling disagreement.
 That turned into playtime & grabbing each other.
 That led to laughing.
And more playing together!
Sunday morning before we left we went to get a few pics on campus, it was chilly so it was a short visit.
Emma Kate & I beside Old Main.
 Special moment to be walking on our college campus with our babies. :)

Jackson in front of the Peace Fountain

Also, on the way home we stopped by Gramma (Brett's mom) house in Fort Smith. The babies had fun playing with all her toys & basket.

 Walking & running in Gramma's very big backyard.

 It's time to head home. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Emma Kate Lately

     Helping Mommy get ready

This is her lately...multitasking! Holding baby doll while pushing the train.

 First thing in the AM
 She wanders into her room to read books solo.

 climbed up in the chair all by herself

Almost 17 months old

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy 1/2 year birthday, Jackson!

Yesterday, Jackson hit the 1/2 year mark!! He brings us so much joy with his sweet personality & big smiles! I never understood the term "Mama's boy"....until 6 months ago!

He's a big growing boy. Here are his stats:
Weight: 18 1/2 lbs.  (70%)
Height:  27 inches   (75%)
Head:   85%
(Emma Kate & Jackson are less than 4 pounds difference. He's going to be a big guy!)

Here are pics from his 6 month bday & some recent ones.

Dr. Hayes checking J out

me & my boy waiting

disregard my face. I love his expression!


waking up happy :)

with Aunt Katie

with Aunt Barbie
after bathtime 
Jackson playing with his friend, Kason (one of my bff's from middle school baby boy. They were born 2  week apart.)

ready for dinner
                                                Full tummy

playing @ Lolly & Pop's 

                      Giggling!! One of my favorite sounds!