Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

{May 2015}
For Mother's Day this year I was going to actually be out of town so we celebrated early. First, earlier that week I went to Jackson's Mother Day Tea at school. Just the best thing ever! He did an All About Me survey (like EK did the year prior), gave me a rose, & handmade necklace.
We went out to have mexican food dinner & celebrate the day before & it was perfect! There is no greater job or title in the entire world than being Emma Kate & Jackson's Mom. xoxo

Monday, June 22, 2015

May Days 2015

Getting her outdoor medal for soccer this season. Great group! Go Rainbows!

After dance park swing time.

They LOVE when Daddy jumps with them!

Pretty afternoon to feed the ducks & turtles with Lolly.
And pick flowers.

Flying the airplane around Nash resting in the playroom.

What a beautiful Texas sunset
Love our neighborhood!

Indoor soccer in full swing
Great bunch!
Derby fun with friends
Summer is close!
Sometimes you need a little chips & salsa afternoon snack.
Last outdoor game for the season.

Lunch Bunch
More jumping fun with friends.

 Such a rainy May that we had to go jump in puddles!

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 Friends birthday party for Jackson one day.

Heading to swim team practice one afternoon.
So much rain that Daddy said go play in it!
One of EK's favorite things lately is to make parfaits for everyone.
 After one big storm one night Jack & I headed out to see the rapids & water on the golf course.

J Man's buddy moved so we were getting in a few more playdates with him before his family left.
 Saturday family evening out. Mexican food dinner, ice cream, running around, & snapping pics together.