Monday, September 23, 2013

New Year, New School {2013-14}

{September 4 & 5th, 2013} Emma Kate & Jackson started a new preschool year & at a new school/church. I was torn last year when it came time to decide about reregistering the kids at their Mother's Day Out program or search for another place where Emma Kate could possibly go one more day during the week. This is her last year before Kindergarten (holding back tears!) & we felt she needed to go to preschool more than two days a week which is all that CLC offered. Two days and then making the jump to full five days of kinder is so much more of a time/energy adjustment.

Emma Kate goes Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursdays. Jackson goes Tuesday & Thursdays. The first day she was excited & very nervous, but she has the sweetest teacher who got her right in the classroom & onto a task. Jackson just marched right into his classroom with no hesitation. I hope he continues to not be fearful & face any changes head on.

Now they've finished 3 weeks and both are having fun, know all their classmates, & love their teachers.  It's my favorite part of the day when I get to hear about what they did at school!

Here are our 1st day of preschool pictures.

 Someone wouldn't do the cute sign photo opt, but we got this one!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Emma Kate Starts Dance!

{August 2013} Emma Kate finally got to start dance! She has been asking since the spring. She does ballet & tap Monday mornings. Tap is her favorite! She is really enjoying it! It is quite possibly the cutest thing I've seen! I've waited since she was in my belly for this moment, I just love that she's liking it.
Here are pictures from picking out her first pair of ballet & tap shoes & her first 3 classes so far. 

Fun fact: The owner of the dance studio is a childhood friend of mine & her Mom taught my first jazz class. KJ Dance is the best around. Talk about Full Circle!

First class - August 19, 2013

Her first solo turn

Tiny ballerina

Supportive Bro. This pic just melts me!! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Summa Fun {2013}

Just wanted to post some (mostly iphone) pictures of us having fun this summer (I'm playing catch up). The kids had a blast at church camp, SWIMMING (tons), playing with friends, taking a family beach trip, & playing together this summer. This was for sure Mommy's favorite summer thus far! Love you EK & J!! Thanks for all the fun memories & laughs!!

Entertaining Brett & I one day with a show.

Being silly with Nash.
Walking into dinner one night. Melt me!

Mirror selfie
Making frames
Free slurpee day 7/11
The Fields park & spray park by our neighborhood.

Practicing letters on the ipad
Feeding ducks with Lily

Water is a must in the Texas summertime

"Having babies in their bellies"

Pretty cute I think!
My helper. Hanging & organizing Mommy's necklaces.
Practicing for their summer church camp program for me.
Jan. to July 6 month growth. He grew 2 inches!!
She grew 1 inch!!
Matchy in her favorite purple dress with one of her BFF's, Gracen.

At a bday party.

Lots of art time.
Lunch at Rainforest Cafe with Mommy & Lolly.
Making friends at the mall.

Sprinkler under the trampoline...awesome fun!

More art
Mexican food dinners at Mi Co
Ice cream after
Playdates with Madeline, baby Beau, & Meagan
Mia, Cate, & Ashley dates

Having our friends, Eli & Micah over one morning.

I found this place less than 2 miles from our house at the end of summer. We'll be back next summer for sure!

We made these new friends by our neighborhood.