Wednesday, March 30, 2011

St. Patty's Day with My Irish Twins

Irish Twins- Babies born less than a year apart. Mine are for sure Irish Twins...10 months 18 days apart! We brought Jackson home from the hospital on March 17, 2010 which happened to be St. Patrick's Day. There's some irony for you! This St. Patty's day we did a lot of playing, Lolly came over, took a walk, & then went to hang out/have dinner with 2 of my childhood best friend's & their families. Overall fun day & I was happy to dress them in their Irish gear.

 dinner at the Cowan's
 siiting with Kennedy
Time for bed, but had to slip Mama's flip flops on first.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our "Traditional" 1st Bday Gift

Last birthday post promise hehe! For our babies 1st birthdays we give them a Pottery Barn Anywhere chair, personalized of course. Here are the pictures from Jackson getting his. And within one second he was on it & within 1 minute he was flying over the side of it...such a BOY! And of course, Emma Kate needed her chair in there as well so we didn't have a war over the Jackson's new chair.

 Here we go...

 Her chair has never been quite right...looks a bit deformed. :(

 Switch time!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jackson's (actual) Birthday

Last Tuesday was Jackson's actual 1st birthday. I guess we've made it a birthday tradition for Brett, the babies, & I to take a trip to the zoo. Last year for Emma Kate's 1st bday Jackson went, but he spent most of the time in his infant carrier since he was only 6 weeks old. It was a really great time! We couldn't have asked for nicer weather. We spent a couple hours there & headed home for naps. The new Giants of the Savannah renovation was complete & was very neat! We were able to be eye to eye on a platform with the giraffes while people were feeding them...I love giraffes.

 Let's see the animals!

Zebra looking

really close!

 Only family pic of the day...my eyes closed & both babies not looking...nice try!

 Lunch time. He's happy!

Sis was singing & clapping...too cute!
Fun Zoo Trip!!