Monday, February 27, 2012

Watercolors in the Wintertime

A week ago Sunday it actually felt like winter weather & we were house bound due to cold/rainy weather. So after the usual Beauty & the Beast movie we did art...which makes Emma Kate especially happy. :) I decided to try watercolor painting with the kids at their red table. They really enjoyed it! Little Budding Artists!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Movie Date

Background: Emma Kate watched her first ever Disney princess movie recently. Beauty & the Beast. Lets just say she is absorbed with it!! She asks a million & one questions...what are those wolves doing chasing Papa?, what's the Beast doing?, what's Belle doing?, etc. Her almost 3 year old self is quite curious & it's hard not to smile sometimes with the rapid-fire questioning!

She watched it with me first, then my mom (Lolly), then Brett, & finally she checked with my Dad (Pop) if he had seen the movie. My Dad said "no, I haven't seen it, but can I come watch it with you?" He called me last week & scheduled an after-school Thursday movie date with EK. Too cute! The kids, my parents, & myself watched it. I snapped a few pics of the kids dancing as they do every time together & my dad dancing with them...sweetness all around!

 Pop & Sissy dancing

 He was thanking her for letting him come watch B&tB <3

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Emma Kate, Jackson, & I did lots of Valentine's art projects, thanks to Pintrest ideas! We made Daddy "I <3 You" scribble cards Saturday while he was at work. Then, Monday I got brave & did some painting with the kids. We made Heart Trees by painting their forearm, hand, & thumbs. Then, only Jackson would let me do the handprint hearts.
Tuesday was actually Valentine's Day & the kids went to MDO. They each had lots of fun celebrating the day with sharing cards, decorating a box, & having treats. We wrapped up the day by going to the park with our neighbors & it happened to be Zane's 4th birthday so all 4 kids were happy to be playing together!  I only have have iphone pics, but better than nothing. :)

 Scribble cards for Daddy, Lolly, & Pop made with love <3

 Scribblin fun!
 Daddy loves it!

 Our Monday creations- 2 Heart Trees & a Heart Handprint
 2-14-12 Picking up Jackson.. He was watching his teachers blow bubbles right after he woke up from his nap.
 2-14-12 Picking up EK. Sweet girl making us a Valentine's card!
 Checking out their cards & treats from classmates.
 Play dough...big hit!
My KD Little Sis, Jennifer & her little boy, Alex sent us all Valentine's cards...so cute & thoughful!
 Playing @ the park with the Birthday Boy in the crown, Zane & his brother, Cade.

Jackson & Zane are best of buddies!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Playgroup Party

We met Ashley (the mama) & Mia (her then baby) when we joined the "Hip Mommies" playgroup back in the fall of 2009. We actually met Ashley, Mia, Rachel, & Presley all at that same playdate at Nana's house. I remember introducing myself & Emma Kate & saying that I was pregnant with another baby due in March. Both their eyes got kinda big haha! So that's our background & even though we didn't "playdate" as often or frequently once I had Jackson in the spring/summer of 2010 since I had my hands a little full & had 2 kids on different schedules, we always stayed connect to these friends which I'm very thankful for!
Recently, Ashley approached me about coming to the "regular Friday playgroup" since we are friends with some of the other moms/kids. Every other Friday we also have Jackson's Castle Hills playgroup so we'll switch off Fridays between seeing our different friends & fun playdates. :)
This Friday, the "Mia" playgroup as Emma Kate refers to it as was having the "Valentines" playdate. It was really fun! Kristy organized it at a place in McKinney with lego & building fun, then the kids decorated their cute boxes, had snacks, & put their Valentines into the friends boxes. She did a great job!! What fun!

   My Heart Just Skipped A Beat <3
Ashley took this pic of Emma Kate so happily playing with baby Cate.

Fun playing with Legos minus the closed eyes. :)
Ashley, Mia, & baby Cate
The girls building...EK, Addison, & Mia

She loves Cate!

for some reason Jackson, Mia, & EK were interested in Cate's diaper change.
These are 2 funny girlies!!
Jack & Mama decorating his box.

Climbing chairs...normal?!? ha!
Biggest kids in he group.
The whole group displaying their boxes after a fun time!

Girl pic