Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ranch Weekend

{June 26-28, 2015}
We got to have a wonderful ranch visit at the end of June out at the Thornton's Ranch. Time hanging outside, playing with the dogs & cats, riding all over exploring on the mule, visiting the cute town of Albany, & seeing the 75th famous Fandangle Show in Albany was pretty neat! Love getting away for a few days to this peaceful slow-paced place with great friends.

Storm rolling in on our way. We ended up having to pull over after a bridge where we couldn't see.

Ringing the meal bell became a favorite to-do.

Texas Sunset :)

"EK sunflowers lets take a pic with the sun in our eyes" haha
All better!

Top Seat Riders
Heading to Albany

Attempt at a family pic at the show. Ha!

Riders & horses were so cool.

Found a stuck turtle.
Helping him on his way.

Group pic!

Honorary Grandparents
Thanks We love ya'll!

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