Thursday, January 21, 2010

Storyime with Aunt Barbie

Aunt Barbie came to see the baby girl last week.  She was reading books with EK in her lap!  They were both too cute I had to snap a few pics. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emma Kate on the move...Crawling!

(8 1/2 months old)

Emma Kate has been pretty close for a week to crawling. She has been getting on all fours and moving her arms or legs, just not at the same time. Then, Thursday, January 14th she offically crawled!  Aunt Barbie and Lolly were over visiting when she crawled across her mat to get a toy Aunt Barbie was dangling out in front of her.  Since then she's been on the move!  She is not only crawling, but wanting to pull up on everything like the ottoman, her stool, and even on us.  I thought we would have a chance to get used to her crawling before the whole pulling up on things started...guess not. It's kind of like peek-a-boo when she sees us on the other side on the ottoman. She is so cute & tiny crawling around on the floor. Brett did do some babyproofing around the house this weekend.  By no means though, is our house totally "babyproofed."  I must admit I'm a bit scared & nervous now because as she's becoming more mobile I'm becoming less mobile as I just entered my 31st week of pregnancy! Here are some pics. I'll figure out how to post the videos later.

She loves Nash!

pulling up on her puzzle stool

fun stuff!

And now let's check out this bookshelf...

EK crawled all the way from our living room to the front door...quite a trek.

Emma Kate & Nash at the front window/door...so cute!

Two Little Baby Teeth

It happened...on December 31st Emma Kate woke up with a tiny white cap showing on her bottom gum.  Her first tooth was coming in!  She was a little fussy that day compared to her usual happy self, but nothing major.  It did throw off her napping throughout the next few days.  She was napping more like 4 times, but shorter time periods (45 minutes).  Then exactly one week later, tooth #2 popped up right next to the other one.  Now she has both her bottom teeth growing in.  They are precious!

(8 months old)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009...pretty amazing!

New Year's Day I thought back about 2009 for me.  This year Brett and I went through one of the biggest milestones & changes that two people go through together...we became parents! God gave us Emma Kate on April 27th at 3:13pm and since that day my life hasn't been the same.  I never imagined how much I could love my child until I held her in my arms for the very first time.  I knew I would love my child, but it's so much more than that.  She is this amazing little person who I get the privilege to be her mother.  Then, in August of 2009 we got a huge surprise...I was pregnant again!  Yes, it was a shock and I know it will be challenging and overwhleming, but I believe that's God's plan for our family - to become a family of four sooner than we expected.  2009 was a big year for me...it was the year I became a mom & started this chapter in my life.  I'm hopeful that 2010 will bring us a healthy and happy baby boy, Jackson.  He will be welcomed with so much love from his parents and "sis" Emma Kate. :)  Here's to a wonderful 2010 with health & happiness to all!

our first picture together as a family of 3

It's Christmas Day!!!


A beautiful white Christmas on Emma Kate's first one, so special! We did our own Christmas/Santa together that morning just the three of us.  Emma Kate went to her stocking and found her goodies in there. We looked at her Santa gifts. Then, EK opened up her gifts from Mommy and Daddy.  We loved watching her rip the wrapping paper, try to eat it, and discover her new toy.  This being our first Christmas as parents was really special, but I know it will only get more and more special each year. 
After we did our little family Christmas, we braved the snow & icy roads to my parents (aka Lolly & Pop's) house.  The usual 15 minute drive took 30 minutes. Brett was quite cautious with his precious cargo. Emma Kate was able to take a snooze while we drove over there too. 
We proceeded to celebrate Christmas with Lolly & Pop.  Emma Kate and Jackson got lots of fun presents!  My personal favorite was Emma Kate's wooden puzzle name stool.  I had one growing up so my mom ordered one with Emma Kate's name on the top line and a hearts/princess puzzle on the bottom line.  So sweet!  Then, we ate our traditional Christmas breakfast casserole my mom makes.  We got all ready for my Dad's side of the family to come over that afternoon.  My uncle, aunt, two cousins and their kiddos came over.  Emma Kate played and watched everyone all day.   Merry Christmas to all!!

First time stocking opening

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

This is one of my favs.

Thank you Ray family for giving us The Elf on the Shelf...it will be such a great family hoilday tradition to start next Christmas.

We gave Daddy a new ipod.

He looks pretty happy and EK wants to eat it.

At Lolly & Pop's

sweet pic :)

her special stool

Jackson got lots of clothes

Looks like Brett is happy about all his gift cards.

New Coach sunglasses

It's hard to tell who's the happiest person in this pic!!

Jill, my cousin holding my girl

Logan (my 2nd cousin) is growing up so fast

ready to eat her Christmas dinner

Emma Kate's Christmas haul after 5 Christmas's with family

lots of gifts

Christmas books and letter Santa left Emma Kate

Merry first Christmas, my sweet angel!!!