Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb. 15, 2013: Valentine's Playgroup

Fridays are our destinated playgroup mornings. We rotate between our "original" playgroup which stemmed from the group I joined when Emma Kate was 6 months old. The group has evolved, friends have moved, & we hang with the what used to be slightly "older" bunch now.  Very thankful for these mom friends & getting to see & visit with them. Also, Emma Kate & Jackson always have lots of fun playing with everyone. On other Fridays, we go to our neighborhood playgroup.
The day after Valentine's Allison planned a really fun themed playdate. Meet at the mall dressed up, play at the bookstore, ride the carousal, run around like crazies for a bit, & go make Valentine's day trail mix. Big fun! I took my real camera & took loads of pics. :)

These 2 girls are pure sweetness. (Mia & Emma Kate age 3 approaching 4 quickly)

3 precious girls walking hand-in-hand

Ready to ride

The whole group (half of Cate, but still all of them sitting & lots actually looking!)

Gold coins to get on the horseys

Very great friend of mine/ours. Ashley & her girls.

Yummy trail mix.
Thanks for a fun time!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's 2012

Valentine's Day fell on Thursday which was a school day for the kids. They were so pumped for their class parties & to share the goodie bags & cards with their friends. Holidays are much more fun having these two around!

Morning time with my loves

Looking too old.
LOVE her!

After school checking out all the Valentine's Day loot.

Love bag from Mommy & Daddy

This captures the moment: Little brother having a "2 almost 3 year old" moment...so not fun!

Back to happy man, likes his Love bag with a new Jake dvd.

Night before: Proud Mom & Dad moment...Emma Kate wrote her name on all 16 friends cards. She was focused & had such pride in her work.  Love!!

Brett & I snuck in a Valentine's Day lunch together. <3 p="">

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First, making our school friends their Valentine's bags.
 Emma Kate LOVED putting together her friends bags. She has such a sweet & tender heart!

 Once Jackson got up from his nap, it was his turn.

Next up, we needed to make Valentine's cookies for Jackson's class (that's what mom signed up for) & some extras for us.

The day Daddy got done with his busy season & got to come home to some Valentine's prep loving!!