Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Summer of Splashing & Swimming (Part 3)

Continuing on with our summer of being in the water pretty often. I'm sharing some more pictures, but if I had 2 more hands & arms there would be more...it's just a little tough to take pictures while having a 2 & 3 year old jumping, sliding down, & swimming to you. I'm am very thankful though that my kids enjoy the water & pool because I don't know what we would do in the very hot Texas summer time.

June- @ Jack Carter Pool with Mia, Cate, James, & Sophie one morning.

She loves that blue tunnel slide!

End of June @ Gracen's 3rd birthday party. With the bday girl having cake & pizza.

Singing time. The kids had lots of fun in the water slides in the backyard.

Beginning of July
EK has got drying time down now (if we can manage to get her out of the pool without a meltdown!).
July- one morning when lolly came swimming with us. (Jack leaving in his swim diaper only haha)
July 13th- Aunt Katie swimming with us.
The sun bather
After a few rough weeks not liking swimming lessons she borrowed some goggles there & liked them. Of course, I bought her a pink pair later on. :) This is how she sat at breakfast one morning...guess where she wanted to go?!?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Mani/Pedi for My Girl

I promised Emma Kate when she was 3 I would take her with me for my monthly (maybe!) mani/pedi. Emma Kate came with me when I went right before our cruise. Lolly of course, had to join in on the fun. EK was so serious & really interested in watching the lady painting her toes & nails. Pink was the only choice! So I'm documented here with a few pictures....

Pretty excited

 Angel face!

Drying & resting on Lolly.

June 8-10th: Arkansas Whirlwind Weekend (Part 2)

These are all the pictures from our journey up to Northwest Arkansas. Great times. :)

AK & Scott "Chancey" walking EK to the bouncey houses.
Group shot. I was quite comical having our group of friends roll to a mall bouncey house on a saturday afternoon...yep, that's having 2 kids for you! :)

 Next, we went to Brett's oldest brother & SIL (Brian & Angela) house for the kids to swim & play. They had a ball together! Left to right: Jackson (2), Caitlin (10), Lily (4), Emma Kate (3), Maddie (10)
All kids looking yay!!
 Dance party with cousins!

 We stayed at Carrie's house that night so look who my bedmate got to be...loved it!

Sunday am after breakfast it was Wilson Park time (which is a few blocks behind my sorority house & where I used to run in college) & now we take the kids there to play when we're visiting. Full circle!

 Paul swinging J Man
We heart you, Carrie & Paul. Thanks for playing!
 My sorority sister & "Little Sis" happened to be in town with her little boy, Alex. We ran into them there. It was so fun catching up & having our kiddos finally meet!!
 Jenn, Alex, & EK...precious!

 Group shot

Bye Bear!! Love ya
Time to head home....

(Rewind Back to June) June 8-10th: Arkansas Whirlwind Weekend (Part 1)

We were due for an Arkansas visit so we hit the road last month to visit, play, & have fun with lots of friends & Gramma. We stayed in Fort Smith Friday night with Brett's mom aka Gramma. Emma Kate & Jackson were so excitied to see her! "Are we going to Gramma's house" "She lives in Arkansas!" Also, while we were in the Fort we got to see Jamie & Mark's new A-Mazing house that's just one block behind their current home. It's old & SO beauiful!! I can't wait to go back & see all the ways they make it their own! Congrats bffs!
We took lots of pics so I'm breaking this post into part 1 & 2. :)

 Gramma has a huge backyard with trees to swing from.

Toasting to the new Hall-Net home!!
 Only with Burney would I ride on his Vespa to dinner in the Fort!!
 Saturday morning after a big breakfast we went to Creekmore Park in Fort Smith.

Then, it was Brett & the kids turn for a tour.
Front yard fountain with Burney.

SO many doors & this guy was in HEAVEN!!
Back through the guest cottage.
He did this many many times!
 EK never stopped moving either!

 Love you, Aunt James!!
 Little catch in the "formal" living room.
Love ya'll & love your new house!! Can't wait for all the memories to come here!