Friday, February 26, 2010

Exactly 3 Weeks From the Due Date

We went to our weekly doctor appointment on Tuesday.  I should just say read the post from the week before.  Still dilated to a 1cm and he's high.  Dr. Farrow said that his head position (dropping down) can change quickly so I guess we'll see.  Next appointment: Wednesday.
From the momma's point of view: It's been much harder these couple of weeks on my body and caring for a 10 month old.  I'm ready to have baby Jackson here and not be pregnant anymore!  Can't wait to meet our little guy!  I'm really hoping & praying for a smooth delivery!  :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

35 weeks pregnant

Update from our doctor's appointment yesterday:  We had one last ultrasound for baby Jackson before we actually meet him in person.  He looks good & healthy! Weighing approx. 5 pounds, 12 ounces right now, which is average size for this stage.  He is in the head down position.  We got to see a great view of his sweet face and profile!  He looked so peaceful!
Then, Dr. Farrow checked me to see if I was dilated...I'm a 1, but she said he's still high and hasn't dropped down into the pelvis yet.  Guess that's good, but for some reason thought I would be more dilated.  At night, I've been feeling some pressure and when I got checked at 36 weeks with Emma Kate I was already at 2cm.  But I'm happy that everything looked good so now we head back each week and wait.  :)  March 19th is his due date...we shall see!

Happy 1st LOVE Day!

Brett took his two Valentine's out for an early dinner on Sunday.  We only got a few pics.  Love to all!

"Okay enough pictures time to go eat!"


Dallas got the biggest snow I think ever last week!  It snowed literally all day long.  It was beautiful!!  Brett even got to come home early from work that day.  Emma Kate loved looking out the window, then she took a long 3 hours nap, and later that evening we took some pics in the pretty snow.  Enjoy!

"Look at all the snow Nash."

"Snow makes me tired!"

Daddy & Emma Kate out in the snow.


our neighbors beautiful snow-filled tree

Brett clearing our driveway the next day so he could go to work.

Off to work he went.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jackson's Baby Shower

This past Saturday, Sara & Monica threw a baby shower for Jackson at Lolly's house.  It was SO wonderful!!!  Lots of great friends, fun times, and very cute boy gifts for our little guy!! Here are pics.  There were lots so I had to cut them down.

diaper cake Sara made :)
cute & yummy cake
The wonderful hostesses, Monica & Sara
My Arkansas girls made it :)
Dear Friends! Deb, Jodi, & Carol all came to the hospital the night I was born!
Time to eat

Blurry pic, but I love the bibs.  Thanks KJ!
Emma Kate loved this train toy Becky & Linley gave Jackson.
Juanita (Gramma) gave Jackson this adorable Hogs blanket.
Uncle Burney picked this out himself! haha
Aunt Jamie got Jackson this book...she gave EK the girl's version before she was born. So special!
Jamie & Mark had this sign made for Jackson's nursery...it's perfect!
EK looking at her Aunt Barbie
My sweet princess!

"All these gifts are making me tired."
Julia gave EK this cute bow. :)
Julia & Scott had this Razorback uniform made with Brett's # on the back!
Linley & I.  Great friends since 2nd grade...time flies!
AK giving my sweet girl a kiss :)
Kirsten & I.  My fabulous friend from Borchardt.  I miss working & spending everyday at school with her.
BFF's from Arkansas. Carrie, Jamie, Andrea, me, Julia.
This year marks 10 years since we met as Diamond Dolls at U of A and became best friends!! Love you girls!

Emma Kate was pretty happy when Daddy arrived at the end.

I'm the first out of us 5 to have a baby...oh & I'll be the second too haha! You girls have some catching up to do. :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

9 month checkup

Happy 9 months to Emma Kate!  Brett & I took her last Monday for her 9 month wellness checkup.  To bad for us, Emma Kate's doctor, Dr. Leon was not there. She is also pregnant with a boy due in March.  She has diffcult pregnancies so she had to take off until after her baby is born. I wish her the best for the rest of her pregancy & for a good delivery.  It makes me even more thankful for how good both my pregnancies have gone thus far.

Emma Kate was such a great girl at the appointment.  We had to wait 45 minutes until the doctor FINALLY came in. She was such a trooper, even though it was her naptime.  She played with the tissue on the table, played with the big mirror on the wall, and ate some snacks while we waited.  Thank goodness Brett was there to hold her & keep up with her on the table because she is quite the wiggly one now.

EK's 9 month stats:
Weight: 18.9 pounds  (50%- same)
Height:  27 inches  (25%-same)

playing with the mirror & of course looking at herself