Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nash turns 10!!

{November 13, 2014}
Our pup Nash whom we got when he was 6 weeks old turned 10! These are a few pictures I took one day after school with the kids playing & running with him. We love you, buddy!

Singing happy birthday & about to give him his peanut butter treat.

Few More Favs From October

Can't believe I left off a few of these sweet pictures from October that I really liked & wanted to document.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last Random Bits of October

Other fun times we had in October. A month with lots of pictures.

After school smoothie.

After dance Lolly & Pop visit.

School holiday - Jackson doing gymnastics so sis playing the ipad.
My lunch dates
Tried out a new place, The Coop.

Fall festival

After school back scratches from Lolly.

 J Man's Halloween PJ party day.

 His sweet preschool class.
 Halloween morning called for a free "scary" Jack O Lantern pancake.
 Neighborhood Halloween playgroup party.
 Trick or Treating throughout our neighbors house.

Off to Brynn's birthday party.
With one of the sweetest right there, Mia.

A Carol visit with some floor sliding!

End of season Tball party.