Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentines Love 2015

{February 12-14, 2015}

 Proud of her Valentines box for school.

 J Man's class party

 Cousin playdate after school.
Melt me! ( EK 5, J 4, Lucas 1 week shy of turning 2 yrs.)
 Neighborhood playgroup party
 Sweet playgroup mom friend, Kristy set up for all our kids to bring homemade cards & candy to some sweet seniors one afternoon.

 Sweet friends sharing love at the assisted living center.
 Fam dinner out with our little loves.

 We don't do Valentines gifts, but he said I could pick whatever I wanted for our date night. His first pedicure, followed my drinks & mexican food, & then a movie of my choice. Thank you love!
My forever Valentine!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


{January 2015}
We've already finished the first month of 2015 & it's mid way through February. Wow!  I continue to enjoy doing our family blog to simply capture & remember all these precious moments with our little fam even though I'm the stay-at-home parent I need to have our pictures & words documented because Emma Kate & Jackson are growing so quickly. What a pair these two are at 4 & 5 years old! We could not ask for more special wonderful sweet children.

Tiny dancer
Football Sunday when the Cowboys were in the playoffs.
Daddy having a football lesson with them.
EK got the flu & was down for 3-4 days (missed her first 2 days of kinder this year), but this was a feeling better pic!
Uno is Jackson's FAVORITE game & he gets lots of games in with us & Lolly.
Disney Princess & Pirate show.
On Monday mornings, Jackson has gymnastics class. He really enjoys it & has become so strong & balanced.

Taking the car downtown for a service one day had its perks while waiting. :)

First "Ladies Lunch" of 2015 with my dear mama friends

Pretty great Texas winter weather we're having.
Swinging, playing outside, riding bikes is tiring!
Just the sweetest thing to see them play & converse with each other.


Had to document the "first time I ran & the kids biked all together" Win Win for everyone!
First cone!

Duo winter teeth cleanings. Healthy teeth no cavities!

He copied a sign I have framed in his room. Melt me!
Daddy's "busy" season at work so we sent him a family dinner picture one night.
"Quarterback" day for the letter Q at preschool.
Another picture to Daddy while he was working. They had to show him they got to have a dinner picnic!
Reading to Lolly. Both kids are doing wonderful with their reading skills.
We took sis lunch one Friday. Lots of smiles there!